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The Pandemic has turned many of us into Netflix addicts. If you are looking for new snack options to complement your next K-Drama, why not support local and sample some of The Golden Duck’s repertoire of treats. SG Lifestyle speaks to the Co-Founders of one of Singapore’s favourite snack manufacturers who are inviting fans to cast their votes for the next flavour of snack(s).

SGLS: What’s the rationale behind the name of your business? Why The Golden Duck and not say… The Golden Goose?

Chris: Haha well, it’s simple really – Our first products were our signature Salted Egg Yolk flavours and they’re made with actual cured duck eggs! We also learnt early on that not all cured eggs are made equal, and the ones we used back then (and continue to use) are premium, cured 14-21 days till they’re the colour of golden sunset. Hence the name.

Jon: Also, Gold is a great colour in Asian culture, and we wanted a cute icon/mascot so we decided on a duck. Everything just came together.

SGLS: As part of the R&D process, you must have sampled quite a number of snacks from your competitors. Which is your top pick and why?

Jon: We eat way too many snacks in our industry. It’s hard to say which of our competitors are our favourites, but I’ll take Japanese snacks any time of the day. Do not leave me alone in Don Don Donki.

Chris: I like to keep things simple with Natural’s balsamic vinegar potato chips!

SGLS. Which of TGD’s snack offerings are your top picks and why?

Jon: Aside from the one we’re about to launch later this year (I feel like our research and development keeps getting better every year heh)…. SALTED EGG CRAB SEAWEED TEMPURA! #Snackhack : Put the seaweed tempura squares in an air fryer for 45 seconds before enjoying it.

Chris: I’m proud of what we did with our Mala Hotpot snack. It contains multiple ingredients in each pack : Fish Skin Crisps, Tofu Skin, and three types of mushrooms! Love myself a good spicy snack.

Mala Hotpot the golden duck
Source: The Golden Duck

SGLS: A word of advice you’d like to share with budding F&B/FMCG owners.

Chris: As a priority, focus on quality. Good branding aside, we started with a really good product and that’s what made our snacks so popular around the world.

Jon: Always keep your consumer in mind. We’ve done this from the beginning and this year we’re taking things even more seriously by asking our snacking community to CO-CREATE our next snack! If you have yet to vote, do it before the 20th of September at

SGLS: You have both famously said that the business was started with no five-year plan and no back-up plan in mind. PR spiel aside, has the Pandemic affected your business? What are your plans to navigate the five-year path ahead?

Jon: It’s a crazy year for sure. And we DEFINITELY did not have a plan, much like the majority of companies. We spent the last five years dominating in retail, growing our store count globally to just under 5000 at the start of 2020. When retail took a slump globally in March, we were forced to rethink our business plans and pivoted accordingly. In April, we relaunched our e-commerce store with a new experience for customers globally, selling curated, Insta-worthy snack boxes filled with our goodies. With tourism greatly impacted, we had to find different ways to effectively reach our international fans.

Chris: We still don’t have a five year plan. However, we know that it looks tasty, with new innovative snack offerings in the pipeline.

Bonus Q: What would your last meal be?

Jon: Nasi Lemak with all my favourite ingredients. I’m a simple man.

Chris: We are kopitiam boys at heart. For me, a good bowl of Bak Chor Mee will be heavenly for sure.

Voting for The Golden Duck’s (TGD) new gourmet snack is now LIVE! 

The Great Snack Showdown The Golden Duck
source: The Golden Duck

Cast your votes from a list of flavours, ingredients and recipes specially curated by TGD’s snack chefs  here:

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