Apple Fans spotted queuing for the Apple iPhone XS TWO days before the official launch date in Singapore?

It’s a cold rainy day today this Wednesday night.

Source: Tumblr / *cues wind blowing*

But this rain isn’t gonna stop these die-hard Apple enthusiasts from queuing – complete with ponchos and umbrellas TWO DAYS before the official launch date of the Apple iPhone XS this Friday, 21 September 2018!

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen – there seems to be a queue of 4 that has already been formed at the ‘usual place’ at Wheelock Place as of this time of publication (please correct us if we are wrong).

Or they could so happen be you know, just seated out there. Who knows?

We’re betting on the former. But if we are wrong, we apologize for the factual error. Identities have been blacked out with a smiling Apple icon though!

FYI if you haven’t heard – these are the eye-watching prices for the to-be launched iPhone XS on 21 September 2018:

Source: Hardwarezone
  • iPhone XS: S$1,649 (64GB) / S$1,889 (256GB) / S$2,199 (512GB)
  • iPhone XS Max: S$1,799 (64GB) / S$2,039 (256GB) / S$2,349 (512GB)

Now excuse us while we go off to sell a kidney to fund our new iPhone XS.

Above featured image courtesy of Facebook user, Chin Guo Qiang taken at 7.10pm on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 and used with permission. The original photo was taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL by the way – just in case you were wondering.

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