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6 April Fool’s Pranks in Singapore this 2020!

April Fool’s just went by quietly yesterday on 1 April (since 2020 has been a joke in the first place as all the memes suggest).. or so it seems, but the SG Lifestyle Team spotted these Singaporean brands jumping in on the fun to share some light-hearted content on their socials – and obviously, an April’s Fool joke. Or is it? We will leave you to guess 😉

1) Subway Singapore Durian Delite Spread

Subway Singapore kickstarted their April Fool’s campaign pretty early on 27 March but most netizens caught on to the joke even before that. Nonetheless, it DOES look rather legit – durian spread on your Subway sandwich anyone?

subway durian april fool 2020

2) 4Fingers Singapore Chickaboba Flavour

4Fingers jumped in on the bandwagon with their CHICKABOBA flavour – a bobainspired one of a kind crispy chicken with ooh-long (a play on oolong) sauce and even a kimchi slaw cheese creamer before being topped off with soy garlic ikura pearls. To be honest, it can be pulled off as a legit flavor without those seaweed fatty fries straws that kinda look pretty extra. But nope, this is debunked as an April Fool’s joke!

4fingers chickaboba april fool 2020

3) Ooh Mala Mala Marshmallows

Have a sweet tooth and want to kick it up a notch with some mala spices? This is where Ooh Mala comes into the picture with their MALA marshmallows?! No further updates have been made ever since this posted this cryptic image on 31 March to stay tuned for their new flavor coming on 1 April 2020. We’re pretty sure it’s a joke though. What say you?

mala marshmallows april fool joke

4) Ichiban Sushi Coriander Maki

This made the SG Lifestyle Team shudder and quake in our boots at the level of disgust we felt seeing this new creation created by Ichiban Sushi. Ewww, EWWW! And thank goodness – just an April Fool’s joke!

coriander maki ichiban sushi april fool 2020

5) Katong Catering Extra Mini Buffet

Alright, Katong Catering – this wasn’t as funny or impactful but we do give points for trying. Thanks for the effort and contribution so we are adding it to our round-up list.

mini buffet katong catering

6) Ayam Brand Coconut Milk Pearls

We kinda saved the best of the last – and yes, it’s another boba inspired flavor that REALLY looks legit; and perhaps might even go with the dalgona coffee trend/craze happening right now (here’s how to make your own!)! Please make this into an actual flavor and not just an April Fool’s joke Ayam Brand because coconut milk bobbaaaaa! 😢

coconut milk pearls ayam brand

SITEX 2020 IS BACK (Not an April Fool’s Joke!)

Meanwhile, here’s sharing what’s NOT an April Fool’s joke SITEX, Singapore’s LARGEST and ONLY Consumer Lifestyle Electronic Exhibition (since 1988!) just announced that they will be back this 2020 and unveiled their event dates, time and venue in a blog post on 1 April 2020. Read it HERE!

sitex 2020 is back

More importantly, stay safe during this period and don’t say we NEVER share! 

Psst.. SG Lifestyle is proud to announce that we are one of the Supporting Media Partners for SITEX 2020! 🎉🎉🥳🥳
Stay tuned as we unveil more details about SITEX 2020 in the upcoming months.

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