So we tried BAK KWA Flavored Potato Chips

Newly spotted on the shelves of the supermarket (Cold Storage/Giant) will be these Bak Kwa flavored potato chips from Jack N Jill.

The team at SG Lifestyle took a double take upon seeing it because it’s such an interesting flavor! Flipped the packet over to peruse where the potato chips were from and it said – Made in Hong Kong.


For $1.40, we decided to buy a packet back to try!


Really smells like bak kwa!


First taste was a little mm.. interesting to speak. Very salty!

But as we dived further into more pieces..the actual bak kwa-ish taste can be tasted. It’s quite disconcerting honestly, because it’s like eating crunchy potato chips with a hint of bak kwa flavor when you are so used to the chewy bak kwa vs the crunch of a potato chips.

Very interesting but overall $1.40 a packet to try these Bak Kwa flavor potato chips? We think it’s worth a try!

Rating: 3.5/5

All photo credits courtesy of mitsueki’s Blog!

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