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This post is gonna’ be a life changer – and to anyone who is constantly worried about hair damage (a real common issue!) , especially when it comes to hair maintenance after chemical services (such as hair bleaching, colouring, perming, etc) , this is definitely something for you!!

Read till the end for my before/after hair results – I was so thoroughly impressed by this new technology that I just could not wait to share with everyone.

Honestly, it was the first time I visited the salon – and I was already attracted to their design with pink neon-looking light logo is simply too difficult to miss.


When I arrived at the salon, I was given a warm welcome and ushered to a seat.

As I sat down, the representative gave a clear introduction of their latest hair technology, Chez Vous Hair Defence Technology , in which they claim anyone will be able to achieve the gorgeous mane of their dreams even after tough chemical services , and reduces any potential hair damage up to 50 percent!  (Sounds too good to be true? Yes, that was what I thought so too before I personally experienced it for myself)

In short, it is reportedly a powerful type of hair treatment.

To be honest, hair damage has ALWAYS been my main concern as chemical services always take a toll on my hair.

(Till date, I had done hair perming and hair colouring before, which never fail to result in hair dryness and frizziness after awhile.  I am certainly not the type of person who is able to maintain hair well! Haha)

And despite doing hair treatment (such as keratin treatment etc), it would not really help much as my hair would turn frizzy again not soon after.

So how is the Chez Vous Hair Defence Technology different?

Hmm… let’s see.

Ok, cut to the chase – Here’s my BEFORE photo (I did not filter this picture at all.. So it is raw image)


Totally dried and frizzy, a common problem for most people who always do hair colouring or bleaching.


Well, to prove the powers of Chez Vous Hair Defence Technology, I did a chemical service to see how much damage reduction it could potentially do.

I chose Balayage hair colouring (at the same time, turning my hair back to my favourite shade of red). Usually, hair colouring would cause a certain level of damage.

And unlike most treatment services, Chez Vous Hair Defence Technology is done BEFORE a chemical service.

Step 1: Hair is sectioned into multiple sections and carefully sprayed down with the K18 Peptide Mist.


Step 2: The patented electrolysed water and 18 different amino acids are applied to the hair and gently combed through. 


Step 3: The cortex CMC is sprayed onto the hair to ensure the hair stays hydrated. 


Step 4: The hair is blow-dried immediately to ensure that all the important ingredient s are sealed and locked inside the hair before chemical processing.


**After this part, my hair colouring process began!**


In progress…



Step 5: After the chemical service is done, the seaweed algae extract mask is applied before a luxurious head massage and shampoo. 

(No photos here during shampoo-ing as the place was quite dim)

Step 6: The K18 peptide masque and CMCs are reapplied generously to help restore the strength and moisture lost during the chemical service. 

Every step of this treatment has been carefully thought through as the application of the ingredient s needs to be layered correctly to ensure optimal penetration into the hair, very much like a skincare regimen. 

Wait for it… … (Again, I did not filter this photo at all as I try to keep the color as real as possible)


(Oh, I had a cut of my bangs too)





I honestly could not believe the end results – EVERY single strand of my hair felt incredibly smooth and hair quality evidently improved.

(And I still receive compliments on my hair quality 3 weeks after this!)

My hair felt super protected. Here’s a close-up!


By incorporating Chez Vous ’ Hair Defence Technology into your chemical services , your hair will feel noticeably less damaged, dry and dull when compared to chemical services without it.  What’s most interesting – this is only a 15 mins addition to the chemical process.

Hair Defence Technology is exclusively available as part of 

a special launch bundle s tarting from S$455. 

Thi s bundle consists of: 

Prices and Availability 

1 x Chemical Service (Balayage & Toning, Colour & Highlights , Digital Perm or Rebonding) 

1 X Hair Defence Technology 

1 X Haircut 

Save up to 35% (U.P. up to $750) 

Best maintained with Goldwell Dual senses Bondpro Day & Night Bond Booster and Advante Treatment. Hair Defence Technology i s developed by Chez Vous , exclusively at Chez Vous (main outlet). 


More photos of my hair just to show off! (HAHA)



Chez Vous Hair Salon (main outlet) is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium (Takashimaya), Singapore 238872. Call 6732 9388 to book an appointment or log on to for more information. 


*This beauty review was brought to you by Chez Vous Hair Salon, but all opinions are of the writer.

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