The NEW MUST TRY: Hainanese Chicken Rice ‘O from Old Chang Kee Singapore!

The SG Lifestyle Team are absolute SUCKERS for anything new and unique just like the newly launched Hainanese Chicken Rice ‘O from Old Chang Kee Singapore! Yeah, you read that right – it’s essentially a chicken rice curry puff. And yes, it’s halal!

Each Hainanese Chicken Rice ‘O is priced at $2 per pop or $3.60 for 2 pieces. For some reason, there’s no label so we had to ask the counter staff if it was available and she pointed them out for us.

First impression? It’s very yellow.

Yellow-er than yellower. Definitely more yellow than the usual Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs. It’s same crust recipe though but we think there is a slight tweak perhaps. Or maybe it’s just us.

Hainanese Chicken Rice taste..? Nope, not really.

To us, it tasted like a glutinous chicken rice or lor mai gai in a curry puff. Very generous fillings stuffed inside the curry puff!

A tad spicy cos of the chilli. That was a surprise kicker but it added a nice kick or burst of extra flavor.

A little herby or veggy taste because of the coriander (?, sorry we can’t tell) inside. That, we didn’t particular like but to each to his, or her own.

We polished it off regardless.

Final Thoughts?

For $2 to try it’s ok, but we would probably stick with the usual curry puff offerings. A fulfilling meal but for some reason, it made us really thirsty after eating it. Note that this is only available till 28 February 2019 so if you want to try it – this is your own chance!

SG Lifestyle Approved? Yes, worth a try
Rating: 3 stars ⭐⭐⭐

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