The New MUST TRY: Hainanese Chicken Rice Pizza!

You read that right – there’s going to be a Hainanese Chicken Rice Pizza to be launched next week from Pezzo Pizza!

So yes, obviously because it is a chicken rice pizza – expect the toppings to be what you can find on the plate of our usual chicken rice: Think chicken rice (yes, rice) on your pizza, cucumbers and topped with chilli sauce and melted mozzarella cheese!

Img source: The Takeout

Did we mention that it will be a thin crust pizza?

If chicken rice pizza isn’t your thing, you can also try the other pizza flavors such as:

  • Kebab Boom Boom! Pizza (yes, basically a kebab pizza)
  • Fiery Hot Chic Pizza
  • Satay Sedap Pizza

Also newly launching next week will be Pezzo Pizza’s FIRST ever stuffed cheese crust pizza aka Santa’s Surprise Pizza!(:

P.s if there’s also a Hainanese chicken rice burger available from Hawker by No Signboard Seafood (first hawker themed fast food outlet at Esplanade) in case you didn’t know ;p

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