GOOD BYE Chili’s Singapore – CLOSED

We come bearing sad news this Tuesday morning as the SG Lifestyle Team has just gotten wind of the news that Chili’s Singapore has officially CLOSED ALL their restaurants in Singapore as of 24 March 2019 based on their Facebook post.

This came to a shock to many people who were taken by surprise with this announcement. And unfortunately.. it seems that it may not be an early April’s Fool Joke.

Is it?
(Don’t forget that April’s Fool is next Monday, 1 April 2019)

If it’s true then – good bye, Chili’s American Grills & Bar (Singapore), you’ll be missed. Thanks for the memories!

Never had Chili’s before? Here’s what you missed then – burgers, ribs, honey chipotle shrimp and sirloin and fajitas to name a few! 🙁

But moving on, here’s where else in Singapore where you can get your fix of a good ol’ American food.

  • Morganfield’s
  • Big Bern’s American Grill
  • Jerry’s Barbeque & Grill
  • OverEasy
  • Smokey’s BBQ American Smokehouse and Grill
  • Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
  • Hooters
  • Black Tap
  • The Beast
  • Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill

It’s not going to be the same as Chili’s, but you have to make do with them.

Now just don’t take away Carl’s Jr from us!

Don’t say we never share! 😎

*All images credits to Chili’s Singapore

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