The NEW MUST TRY: Chilli Crab Mantou Burger WITH VEGETABLE TEMPURA from MOS Burger Singapore!

While we sit back and wait for Burger & Lobster to open at Jewel Changi Airport this year in 2019, I guess we can satisfy that craving (maybe a little remotely?!) with MOS Burger’s limited edition CHILLI CRAB MANTOU BURGER!

(Well, a crab and lobster are both crustaceans after all..) 🦀

Okay, a chilli crab mantou burger is honestly nothing too interesting.

But with the addition of the vegetable tempura? Now THAT’S interesting.

Here’s what to expect from this burger:

A crab patty slathered with mildly spicy sweet chilli crab sauce on top of a fried vegetable tempura and a piece of crisp green lettuce and sandwiched between two crispy golden brown mantou buns.

Disclaimer: Image used could be for marketing purposes only

We think it sounds pretty yums.

Looks pretty legit too from this real image review we koped from Instagram from IG user @bennyloy.

Nuff’ said.

Now whose up to try these limited edition chilli crab mantou burgers before they are gone?!

Note: Only available EXCLUSIVELY at MOS Cafe Raffles City and Takashimaya!

*All images credits: MOS Burger Singapore

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