The NEW MUST TRY: CHILLI CRAB ONIGIRI for $2 in Singapore!?

Onigiris are a dime a dozen and there are so many different flavors out there! Now, here’s one with a local Singaporean twist – chilli crab x onigiri? Now THAT’S definitely something NEW!

Where to get CHILLI CRAB ONIGIRI in Singapore?

And of course, if you were wondering where to get your hands on this?

  • Pick up your Chilli Crab Onigiri from all 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore for only $2!
    A locally-inspired Japanese rice triangle filled with real crab meat and authentic chilli crab paste.

PROMOTION: Get a 2nd Onigiri at just $1 (U.P. $2 each) from now till 31 Oct!


  • Unagi Onigiri ($2.50) – Enjoy the exquisite taste of Japan – caramelised grilled eel wrapped in a Japanese rice and seaweed triangle is a top-seller here in Singapore.
  • Takana Mentaiko Onigiri ($2.00) – Quality Mentaiko and a refreshing mix of Japanese mustard greens and grains that’s sure to hit the spot.

If you tried it – let us know what you think!(;

*Above Image credits: 7-Eleven Singapore

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