SG Lifestyle DRINKS: The NEW Da Hong Pao Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearl from LiHO Singapore

What’s NEW at LiHO?

How about their new Chinese New Year premium milk tea aka DA HONG PAO MILK TEA with Brown Sugar Pearls 大红袍奶茶?

大红袍 Da Hong Pao is a dark Oolong tea grown in the Wuyi mountains and it is one of the worlds most expensive and premium tea. Fans can expect a stronger and more flavourful milk tea with this version of our Premium milk tea 🍵 

Obviously when that launched, the SG Lifestyle Team was kinda excited to try it out but there wasn’t really much of a push factor until we spotted this 1 for 1 LOBANG deal!

credits: singpromo

The only catch is that you have to download the Shopee app and follow LiHo’s IG page which we did.

And what did you know? Here we were at LiHO thanks to the 1 for 1 offer cos we can’t pass up on such a deal!

Yeah, it was worth it. We had ours with 50% sugar. No regrets! We only wish there was more pearls but otherwise, for $1.90 – this is worth it!

Recommended? YES (with the 1 for 1 lobang) ⭐⭐⭐

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