Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide 2021 Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Father’s Day in Singapore this 2021

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the hero in your life. It is a day to show appreciation for all the things they have done for you and how are you going to make it memorable? Here are some ideas on what to buy for Father’s Day and tips on activities with your dad. Read on as we have got you covered for everything you need to know for celebrating this special occasion.

First things first: Get your Dad a gift

1) Maker’s Mark Personalized Label Bottle

Treat your dad to a Personalized Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky ($58). He will surely be delighted where he can have a bottle that he can call his own and finally place it in the open without naggings.

2) Rings

Also, add on to your dad’s rings collection.

Consider the Steel Titus Ring ($39) that has traditional crossed oars, Roman numerals, and rough texturing with a modern bit of flair to bring out the character in him.


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3) Bracelet

Otherwise, help your dad stay cool with this Black & Blue Roy Leather Bracelet ($49) that is durable and comfortable with a mysterious aura that makes him attractive.


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4) Necklace

Alternatively, help him showcase his creativity, originality, and unconventional thinking with a Zodiac Steel Necklace ($65). Available in 3 colours – Gunmetal, Silver-tone and Gold-tone, choose one that matches him and let him know that he is resilient in your eyes just as the necklace is resistant to rust.


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5) Watch

If you have a slightly bigger budget, get the Asmund Dante Watch ($249). Designed in Denmark and operates without a the need of a battery, he will possess a skeleton dial and a see-through back on his wrist to capture his attention (so you can sneak off for a date). Comes with a gift box which makes it more convenient to gift.


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6) Speaker

For dads who loves a great melody, the Small Transparent Speaker ($899) has a timeless design which is covered by tempered glass. Blends naturally into any style, and the modular construction allows it to be upgraded with new tech over time. Since he can’t go to a live concert for now, bring him closer to the music to offer a rich and authentic musical experience.


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7) Massager

If you are too shy to give your dad a massage, get a gadget for him such as the Theragun Pro™ Percussive Therapy Device ($899) massager to help him reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation.


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Secondly, satisfy your Dad’s hunger pangs or cravings

8) Cake

Does your dad love cakes? BreadTalk’s Super Dad 超人爸爸 Cake ($38.80) comprises of delicate black sesame and oreo sesame cheesecake beneath a layer of soft vanilla chiffon. It is topped with chocolates and made more appealing in its design of charming suit with bow. Size: 6-inch (4-6 pax)

9) Nutella Biscuits

Otherwise, to express your love for your dad subtlety, present this Ferrero Nutella Biscuits ($21.78) to him. With the heart shape imprint on the middle of the biscuit, he will feel your love with every bite of it.


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Lastly, find an activity to do with Dad

10) Nintendo Switch Exercise Games

After the feast, it’s time to shed some calories together. Bring out the dancing king at home this Father’s Day and watch him sway to the groove once the beat is dropped. Help him stay safe and avoid the crowd with these workouts from the Nintendo Switch exercise games (which he might have been watching you silently all along from a corner when you played at home). Get him involved today and have some fun as a whole family by getting Fitness Boxing 2 ($56.05), Mario Tennis Aces ($69.90 – $79.90) or Super Mario Party ($79.90).

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We hope you enjoy this special Father’s Day edition! It is a time to show appreciation for the special dad in our lives and the sacrifices they make for us. As you prepare for the occasion, keep these suggestions up your sleeves or share it with your siblings and friends as you will still be able to celebrate the occasion despite the measures in place this year. If you enjoyed any of it, do share with us your experience.

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Finally, the SG Lifestyle Team wishes all Fathers out there an advanced Father’s Day!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share!

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