what to do singapore 6-7 aug 2022

5 FREE Activities to do in Singapore this Weekend (6 – 7 August 2022)

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here’s the SG Lifestyle Team’s weekly round-up of FREE WEEKEND ACTIVITES TO DO IN SINGAPORE (well, mostly free) as we try to adapt to a new normal while waiting for the current COVID-19 situation to improve.

This includes a mixture of virtual/digital events/activities you can do at home, as well as physical events/places to visit/attend. Nevertheless, please do your due diligence to do your part to stay safe.

Recommended Advisory Notice: Let’s play our part to Stay Safe during this period:
Wear a mask and see a doctor promptly if you are sick! ⁣⁣
 Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water! ⁣⁣

1) Visit: SingaPAW Weekend 2022

SingaPAW Weekend 2022 is free entry to all! Sign up for the Largest Pet Gathering to form Singapore’s National Celebration: SG57. All pets are welcomed to enjoy this wonderful event together!


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2) Visit: Our Tampines Hub

Celebrate National Day at Our Tampines Hub with exciting activities and programmes lined up just for you.


Stand a chance to win three tickets for the exclusive OFF / ON Escape Room game in October by cracking and decoding the secret message now! Revisit the good old days of receiving mystery pager messages!

4) Visit: Red Dot August

In the month of our nation’s birthday, we celebrate the things that make us uniquely Singapore. Visit Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for free film screenings and programmes lined up.

5) Visit: Joli Jolan 2022

Jumaadi’s art is imbued with a poetic sensibility. Joli Jolan, a word coined and derived from the Javanese term ijol ijolan, references ideas of making an exchange— to swap, to trade and/or to replace. In Joli Jolan, he affords us a glimpse of his grand private cosmology. At first glance it is whimsical but upon a closer look, it reveals a world of peculiarity. A seemingly autobiographical figure carries enormous objects ranging from a pineapple, fishbone, and human foot to miniature mountains and buildings sprouting foliage. Other recurring motifs include the buffalo, tree of life, rootless tree, and tree-less roots. Informed by a traditional Javanese worldview and that of a postmodern nomad living in a global world straddling his studios in Imogiri (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) and Sydney, Jumaadi weaves together a personal iconography of human and organic motifs, where natural and spiritual worlds converge.

We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of weekend activities to do in Singapore FOR FREE!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share! 

Psst… Need even more ideas on what to do?

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