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5 FREE Activities to do in Singapore this Weekend (13 – 14 November 2021)

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here’s the SG Lifestyle Team’s weekly round-up of FREE WEEKEND ACTIVITES TO DO IN SINGAPORE (well, mostly free) as we try to adapt to a new normal while waiting for the current COVID-19 situation to improve.

This includes a mixture of virtual/digital events/activities you can do at home, as well as physical events/places to visit/attend. Nevertheless, please do your due diligence to do your part to stay safe.

Recommended Advisory Notice: Let’s play our part to Stay Safe during this period:
Wear a mask and see a doctor promptly if you are sick! ⁣⁣
 Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water! ⁣⁣

1) Try out: Mango Panna Cotta | Coconut Mango Panna Cotta | Mango Pudding | Easy Dessert Recipe | Yummy Dessert

This Double Mango Panna Cotta Recipe makes the most delicious and light Summer Dessert. Super creamy and packed with flavour, try making this dessert that is a perfect treat for you and your family!

2) Workout to Fitness: Intense No Jumping TABATA Workout // Low Impact Exercises

Get ready for an intense No Jumping Tabata with Heather Robertson! These low impact exercises are still high in intensity and will get that heart rate up and have you sweating even without jumping! No equipment needed so all you need to do is clear some space, follow along and do YOUR best!

3) Craft: Heart Shaped Wall Decor | Woolen Wall Hanging Craft Ideas | Easy Crafts to do At Home

Try out this simple guide on how to make heart shape wall hanging. All you need are some wool thread, beads and cardboard. This is very easy tutorial and we hope you enjoy decorating your home this weekend.

4) Play: Cute And Therapeutic Animal-Themed Mobile Games

For those who seek solace in games, here are some animal-themed mobile games that can help you wind down after a long day at work.

Animal Restaurant is a relaxing game that features heartwarming moments between the feline employees and other woodland creatures that patronise the restaurant. Download here: iOS | Andriod

Created by two Singaporeans, Tsuki’s Odyssey is an adorable adventure game that features Tsuki (the main protagonist) and the characters of Mushroom Village. Catch an interesting event happening at Mushroom Village now! Download here: iOS | Andriod

BunnyBuns features a magical baking shop where the character (a bunny) uses its mystical powers to create aesthetically pleasing pastries. Unlock more recipes as your level increases and the best part is that you’ll still be able to play other games even as Bunny sleeps during his break time! Download here: iOS | Andriod

5) Visit: Shaping Hearts Exhibition

Head down to Our Tampines Hub, Festive Walk to view the Shaping Hearts Exhibition, featuring over 120 art pieces by our differently abled artists from 13th to 26th November. Be treated to a series of specially curated live performances and movie screenings at the Festive Stage.

Find out more details HERE.

We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of weekend activities to do in Singapore FOR FREE!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share! 

Psst… Need even more ideas on what to do?

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