Sakura Pocky Sakura Collon Sakura Pejoy

The NEW MUST TRY: Sakura Pocky, Sakura Collon and Sakura Pejoy – now AVAILABLE in Singapore for a Limited Time Only!

Remember we posted about the Cherry blossom Pocky and we thought that the only place you can get it is from either Japan or Korea?

Well apparently NOT, because you can get get in Singapore as well!

Limited Edition Glico Sakura Range – now Available in Singapore!

That’s not all, lucky us – we have THREE different types of Sakura Flavored snacks for us to choose from under the Glico Sakura range!

  1. Sakura Pocky
  2. Sakura Collon
  3. Sakura Pejoy

Yes, yes we get the hint, Pocky Singapore. Now we know that we don’t need to travel to Japan to get our hands on these new limited edition Glico Sakura range!

Available only for a limited time period at NTUC Fairprice, RedMart and PRIME Supermarkets. While stocks last!

Now don’t say we never share! 😎

*All images credits to Pocky Singapore!

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