Meet Google Flights – now available in Singapore!

Imagine that you don’t have to leave your Google search engine now to look up for flights at the popular flight comparison sites!

And why’s that?

Because Google Flights has just LAUNCHED in Singapore!

Here’s a list of things you can do with Google Flights:

  • Look up and compare flights now on Google!
  • Get inspiration when the wanderlust bug strikes!
  • Set price alerts!

The team at SG Lifestyle had some fun playing around with Google Flights and pretending that we were going on trips (we wish!) to test out the functions!

It looks pretty good, however, we think right now it’s still in it’s fledgling stages – but eventually it definitely has the potential to become a huge threat to all the popular flight comparison sites out there in the market!

So watch out – Google Flights is definitely here to stay!

Let’s just say that we’ll be keeping a close eye 🙂

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