LOBANG: $1.99 for GrabPay “Live Larger” Plan (over $50 in savings!)

GrabPay just launched their GrabPay “Live Larger” plan for $1.99 today on the Grab app and it’s a GREAT deal for the price!


11 unique rewards and deals from 11 merchants! Here’s the full list below!

grabpay live larger

grabpay live larger

Just paying the $1.99 already offsets the total savings you can get (around $50 as what Grab claims) and it’s worth it!

I.e let’s just say that you are planning to eat PastaMania soon, and you can get $3 off ($3- $1.99 = $1.01) so you ALREADY saved $1 just by buying this plan! Or you’re planning to get a slice of pizza from Pezzo Pizza (U.P $4.90) but you’re paying $1 thanks to this deal saving you ($4.90 – $1.99 = $2.91)!

That’s already $2.91 + $1.01 = $3.92 in total savings (original cost of $1.99 already deducted) even if you just use two of this deals!


Mai hiam liao. Better to buy and live larger for just $1.99! Here’s how!

  1. Purchase the GrabPay “Live Larger” plan on the Grab app for $1.99 via GrabPay Credits
  2. 11 rewards will be credited to “My Rewards” within 15 minutes from a successful purchase!
  3. Enjoy your rewards (expires 31 May 2019)!



  • Valid for purchase from 12 April 2019 to 11 May 2019
  • Limited to 2 purchases per user. 1 purchase per transaction
  • Payment via GrabPay Credits only

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