gudetama ezlink charm

The NEW MUST HAVE: GUDETAMA EGG EZ-LINK CHARM – Available from TODAY, 15 March 2019!

EZ-link teased with this little teaser on their Facebook on 13 March 2019.

At one glance, it’s obvious you can tell it’s Gudetama – if you are a fan of that adorable (and lazy) egg character.

And then, some people revealed that they managed to get their hands on the Gudetama Egg EZ-Link Charm prior to the official launch on this day. We will keep their names and information anonymous in this case 🙂

Gudetama Egg EZ-Link charm: HOW TO GET / WHERE TO GET / HOW MUCH?

gudetama ezlink charm

Item: Gudetama Egg EZ-Link charm
$26.90 (No Value)
Where to Get: Selected 7-11 Outlets
*A little bird tells us that Compass One is one of them!
Availability: 15 March 2019 onwards

More photos of this adorable Gudetama Egg EZ-Link charm!

Note: This is an exclusive EZ-link and 7-11 Singapore collaboration!

Now don’t say we never share! 😎

*All image credits to the respective owners but used with permission

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