Jamie Yeo needs no introduction. The 44 year-old multi-hyphenate wears many hats; She has been an actress, radio DJ, host, TV presenter and is also a dedicated mother to two adorable children. But do you know that Jamie is also a business owner? Yes, Jamie is the founder of LULA J, a homegrown, fine jewelry label. SG Lifestyle’s Column Editor, Angela May Tan, had a tête-à-tête with her to find out more about the backstory behind her latest venture.

SGLS: Tell us the story behind Lula J. What sparked the idea to start your own jewelry line?

Jamie: Lula J is a combination of my children’s names (Luke and Aly) and my own initial, J. I started Lula J as I had trouble finding fun and casual jewelry that was affordable yet real. Real as in they should be made of solid gold, with natural diamonds, as opposed to gold-plated costume jewelry.

SGLS: Lula J is known for its dainty, quaint designs. Do you design the pieces yourself? How do you keep the price range affordable?

Jamie: We curate more than we design. When I think about the vibes of our Lula J pieces, I think of the Pacific Coast and the Golden Californian sun. We keep prices affordable by not going too chunky as gold is expensive, and not too big on diamonds (The bigger the diamonds, the more expensive!). My goal is to make Lula J affordable for everyone.

SGLS: What are some new jewelry design trends in your opinion? Which are your top three favourites from the Lula J collection?

Jamie: People tend to choose and wear designs that are Individualistic and sustainable, especially now, more than ever. In general, people get a sense that life is short and that to buy and wear something because they like it is more important than wearing what convention tells you to. Being sustainable is the way forward for all consumer brands; the facts of climate change have been presented and we all have a responsibility to this planet.

My top three Lula J faves are the Tiff Diamond Necklace, Always Pearl Necklace and the Ivy Climber Earrings. All three designs are simple yet stunning and all of them feature substantial diamonds and we all know that diamonds are forever!

Lula J’s Tiff Diamond Necklace
Lula J’s Always Pearl Necklace
Lula J’s Ivy Climber Earrings

SGLS: You wear many hats; actor, DJ, host, Gal Boss, Mum, etc. Which role sits closest to your heart? Also, has Aly (Jamie’s daughter) started wearing jewelry yet? Which is her favourite piece?

Jamie: Mum of course! My family is the closest to my heart.

Aly hasn’t taken a massive interest in jewelry but she does like pretty things. I got a name necklace made for her in 14k rose gold about a year ago but she dropped it down the bathroom sink a week later. Thank goodness Daddy managed to retrieve it by taking apart the pipes underneath. After that incident, I haven’t given her anything else!

SGLS: You famously met your husband on Tinder. What dating tips do you have for singletons out there who are looking for love online?

Jamie: Be honest about what you’re looking for so you don’t waste anyone’s time.


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Interview by Angela May Tan, Column Editor and Writer, SG Lifestyle

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