Dare YOU TRY: Kaya Durian Pizza from Pezzo Pizza?!

A durian pizza isn’t anything new because Pezzo Pizza and a few other brands in Singapore have already launched it over the recent years!

This particular editor at SG Lifestyle has tried the durian pizza before (from Pezzo) and can attest that it’s pretty darn good!

That aside, Pezzo has launched an UPGRADED version of this durian pizza with this new launched KAYA and durian pizza priced at $5.90 per slice!

“Topped with Creamy Mao Shan Wang durian, fragrant Kaya and sweet corn”

The above flavor combination to us a little dubious to be honest because Kaya and durian just sounds much / gelat / cloying and the addition of sweet corn is just lol. 😅

Now would YOU be willing to try it?

Feel free to let us know if you have and what you think about it!

Note: This Kaya Durian pizza will not be available at the AMK, Lucky Plaza, Changi Terminal 2 and Taka outlets!

*Above image credits to Pezzo Pizza Singapore

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