Just as everyone was busy bemoaning about the good memories, fun times, childhood memories and bidding their goodbyes to Kenny Rogers Roasters Singapore last week when their closure was announced..

But in a shocking move – THIS HAPPENED.

Similar to us, Instagram users such as @foodinsing expressed their shock and disbelief.

“Wait, what?”

Could this be a FAKE Instagram account set up to emulate Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore?

Curious, the SG Lifestyle Team took a look at the link in the bio to check the authenticity of this Instagram account which led to this article on Alvinology.

So it’s true.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is BACK in Singapore!

In a surprise announcement today by Lao Huo Tang Group of Companies, the homegrown F&B group behind famous brands like Lao Huo Tang, Le Xin Catering and Eng’s Wantan Noodle, will be taking over the master franchise rights to Kenny Rogers Singapore from Roasters Asia Pacific (Cayman) Ltd. – Alvinology

You can read more about WHAT to expect at the new Kenny Rogers Roasters on Alvinology here!

Well, welcome back to Singapore again!

Unfortunately, on the other hand, there have been no news about Chili’s Singapore which just closed in Singapore recently..

Well, most importantly – don’t SAY WE NEVER SHARE! 😎

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