The NEW MUST TRY: Parmesan Truffle Chicken from KFC Singapore!

Here’s what is NEW at KFC Singapore – the Parmesan Truffle Chicken🍗🧀

Fresh, juicy chicken marinated in our signature Hot & Spicy marinade, drizzled with truffle-infused cheese sauce and finally topped with shredded parmesan cheese. It’s so deliciously untraditional, yet perfect for the festive! – KFC Singapore

What to Expect?

Truffle-infused Cheese Sauce


Topped with parmesan cheese! 🧀

Looks NICE AND CRISPY based on their marketing video. Thumbs up to the actress in this TVC!

She did a good job! 👍👍😋😋

Indeed, it looks pretty legit but taste wise, let’s see how!

So are YOU gonna be trying it?

If you did – let us know WHAT you think! 🙂

*Above images credited: KFC Singapore

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