laksa fish skin

The NEW MUST TRY: LAKSA FISH SKIN from The Tiny Red Dot!

Our local snack brands have been pushing their creative boundaries a little and coming up with more interesting local flavors and of course, the SG Lifestyle Team will always have our ears on the ground when that happens to bring you the latest MUST TRY to try 😉

Here’s a new one to share – LAKSA FISH SKIN from The Tiny Red Dot!

laksa fish skin

We’ve heard of LAKSA potato chips but LAKSA FISH SKIN is definitely something new other than the usual salted egg versions which are too commonplace nowadays. 💁

We spotted this packet at 7-11 retailing at $7.30 alongside with the Singapore Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura from The Golden Duck – also priced similarly at $7.30.

We don’t know the taste so we will leave it to you to try but let’s show some LOVE for our local Singaporean brands! #supportlocal

*Featured image credits to 7 Eleven Singapore!

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