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SG Lifestyle Wanderlust (Singapore): Let’s Go Tour – The Thailand Experience! (SingapoRediscover SRV Tour)

**Please read to the very end for the exciting vlog!!**

I am travelling to Thailand!!


I mean.. I am travelling to Thailand without stepping out of my own country and yet getting to experience the FULL Thai experience.

How is that possible, you ask?

Just read on!


I guess by now everyone is complaining the same thing, “CANNOT TRAVEL OVERSEAS“.

Right, right, rightttt??

But this can be made POSSIBLE – with thanks to Let’s Go Tour Singapore for coming up with various interesting activities to keep locals occupied despite the ongoing restrictions! It is also more about discovering Singapore in a different light, which can be a legit eye-opener. Best of all – you can use your SingapoRediscover vouchers if you haven’t used them yet!

With thanks to their invite, I had the opportunity to go through the experience personally (together with Daphne, aka mitsueki – read her review HERE!) and document them down to share with you guys some of the highlights from the tour!

Here’s a sneak peek of the setup when I first arrived at the reporting venue.

(You guys will understand what this is all about as you read on further.)


We met our lovely ‘tour guide’, Colin, and our exciting journey began!

After a brief introduction, Colin led us on our tour as we set off to our locations.

Along the way, we were asked interesting quizzes with regards to Thailand and Colin shared with us on the Thai culture, which I felt was really educational.

As we passed by some architecture, we also got to understand the history behind it.

(At that very moment, I was actually asking myself this question: “Why is it that I have NEVER noticed Singapore in this way before?” Honestly, there are still so many things to discover in Singapore that I was not aware before! I felt a small sense of guilt being a Singaporean all my life.)

As we made our way slowly, it was not soon before we reached our very own local Thai shopping mall – Golden Mile Complex.(Do you know that the architecture of how the building was shaped also has its own history?!)

While stopping near the entrance of the mall, Colin shared with us more about their culture.

 I was literally learning new things every few minutes through such interesting ways!


Honestly, it was not my first time to Golden Mile Complex. I am not particularly new to the place, but I have to admit I did not take much notice during my personal visits there. All I did was to eat Mookata (sounds familiar, anyone???) there.

After the trip, I discovered that Golden Mile Complex is more than just my mookata.

Colin brought us around the shops, introduced to us some of their local delights while sharing more knowledge about the place.


The fishes-on-stick actually look so appetising!


Some of their after-mains desserts for the sweet tooth.


As we head upstairs, Colin brought us to their biggest supermarket in the vicinity – and I had to say the place as HUGE with lots of uncountable varieties! Many of the groceries were of their local flavour and were not seen in our normal supermarkets. (There was a LONG queue at the cashier counters too!)


Look at that range of snacks!! I suppose they could only be found in this specialised supermarket – written in Thai language on the packaging.


And these are TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE–  Colin mentioned that these snacks were made out of real insects, and many actually came here to purchase them till they ran out of stocks at a point of time! (Okay, I am so not going to try it)


And some of the drinks found on shelves (At this point of time, I totally did not feel that I was in Singapore!)


After exploring the supermarket, we spotted another long queue outside. According to Colin, everyone came here for the fried potato and banana fritters, which were getting increasingly popular.


We joined the queue as well (but worry not as the queue was quite fast).

And look at the basket of fresh and sizzling hot potato balls! They smelled so irresistibly fragrant.


And they were freshly cooked.


The lady was really sweet as well- We requested for more crumbs and the request was granted immediately!

So… what’s the verdict?? (Watch our vlog to find out !)

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 3.04.43 AM

After the tour around the mall and awesome snacks, it’s time to head back and began the 2nd part of our itinerary.

WE WOULD BE COOKING! *screams in horror*

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 1.59.14 AM

This is something that is…so not my forte. I am someone that you can imagine as a “horror chef” – someone who cooks food that can hardly be edible. So I was actually feeling anxious about this challenge, and unsure if I could even pull off the task.

Fortunately, there was Daphne there as my “cooking buddy” to salvage any possible damage. (Hahaha!!)

As the cooking process was quite long, I will leave it to you guys to watch the exciting happenings in the vlog – but I’ll share with you guys some fascinating photos!

Do our dishes look like they deserve the Michelin award?

Here’s our Tom Yam soup while it was still brewing hot in the pot…


And here are our final masterpieces: *drum rolls*

How, how, how???! Do they look presentable enough??


Mission completed and I survived the cooking experience

Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without our superman Colin whom I reckon is one of the most patient men ever! Having to handle someone like me in a kitchen setting, he is no ordinary man… …


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, despite thinking that I am a CMI when it comes to cooking.  The whole process was so engaging and interactive that I instantly forgot that time flew by just like that!

I really appreciate Let’s Go Tour for coming up with such activities especially during this period when most of us are stuck in our own country and not able to travel anywhere else – It has indeed made me see Singapore in a different perspective and I am glad to be able to make good use of this period to do so!

For those of you who are interested as well, here’s the website to visit (there are many other tours as well – Go ahead to check them out and see which suits your interest best!)

Click here – Let’s Go Tour Singapore (SingapoRediscover Vouchers)

And before I officially end off this post, here’s the VLOG of all the exciting highlights!

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