The durian fiesta is back again in 2019 at Goodwood Park Hotel so expect to be seeing loads of durian related posts and related releases coming up soon admist all the cherry blossom craze right now!

If the prices at Goodwood Park Hotel is enough to scare you off (price reference: the cheapest is $14 nett for a slice of D24 cake or a crepe) – here’s a cheaper alternative for you to satisfy that durian craving, “Mao shan wang style” at a pocket friendly price!

Meet the newly launched MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN BUN and MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN TART from BreadTalk Singapore!

MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN BUN – $2.20 each / 3 for $6

MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN TART – $1.80 each / 6 for $9

We can’t guarantee the taste but here’s what it’s promised according to the promotional tagline.

Experience durian paradise with rich, flavorful Mao Shan Wang durian puree, in crumbly tarts or soft buns! – BreadTalk Singapore

Sure anot? 🤔

That’s what you may ask.

Well, you have to try it for yourself then you know lor! But for $2.20 per bun or $1.80 per tart to try with MSW durian puree touted to be in the filling – okay larh, worth a try right?

Feel free to let us know if you did and what you thought!

More importantly – don’t say we never share! 😎

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