8 Types of Mooncakes to Eat this Mid Autumn Festival 2018!

<UPDATED 2020 – Check out the Ultimate List of Unconventional and Gram-Worthy Mooncakes to Buy this Mooncake Festival 2020 in Singapore!>

Ultimate List of Unconventional and Gram-Worthy Mooncakes to Buy this Mooncake Festival 2020 in Singapore!

It’s mooncake season now with the Mid Autumn Festival coming up on Monday, 24 September 2018!

We at SG Lifestyle might be a little late in posting such mooncake related news – but having said that; we’re still going to be publishing this!

Here’s sharing 8 different types of mooncakes that to eat this Mid Autumn Festival as below!

#1 – Traditional Baked Skin Mooncakes

Source: iMOB Shop

The usual baked skin mooncakes are a MUST buy; especially for the parents who usually prefer the traditional style of mooncakes! Some people actually prefer the original flavor as well! A classic recommendation will be Tai Chong Kok in their evergreen classic packaging!

#2 – Snowskin Mooncakes

Source: Mitsueki’s Blog

Snowskin Mooncakes are becoming the norm nowadays and there are so many different varieties! So take your pick from the HUGE options out there! Want a recommendation? You can try the fruit based ones with chia seeds from Bakerzin, it’s a healthier choice!

#3 – Shanghai Mooncakes

Source: Mitsueki’s Blog

This writer has a personal penchant for Shanghai mooncakes so this definitely has to be included in the mooncake list to eat this Mid Autumn Season! The best one this writer has ever eaten is from Yuen Fatt Biskuit all the way from Kluang, Malaysia!

#4 – Durian Mooncakes

Source: Golden Moments

Durian lovers will definitely opt for durian Mooncakes to eat during this mid autumn festival – that’s for sure! Popular brands include the insanely popular Golden Moments and Home Favourite to name a few!

#5 – Traditional Teochew Mooncakes

Source: Mitsueki’s Blog

Here’s another traditional option to add to this list – the traditional Teochew mooncakes! The ones from Thye Moh Chan are an absolute classic!

#6 – Flaky Yam Mooncakes

Source: Peony Jade

For yam / orh ni paste lovers and those who love a flaky crust pastry – the Flaky Yam Mooncakes aka orh ni mooncakes from Peony Jade is the way to go!

#7 – Oreo Mooncakes

Source: Mothership

Oreo Mooncakes? Really? Yeah really. Definitely something interesting and unique to eat during this Mid Autumn Festival. You can pick up a box of 6 from the supermarkets!

#8 – Ice Cream Mooncakes

Source: Singapore Motherhood

To round off this list, how can we leave out these lovely ice cream mooncakes? This is a hot favourite amongst children and child-like adults like this writer who have a sweet tooth! We like ours from Swensons!

And there you have it – SG Lifestyle’s roundup of 8 types of mooncakes to eat this Mid Autumn Season 2018!

Feel free to share with us in the comments which are ones you’ve bought and/or have eaten! Recommendations are always welcomed! 😉

P.s It’s not too late to get your hands on ordering your mooncakes now before 24 September 2018!

Have an advanced Mid Autumn Festival in 2018!

Featured Image credits to Mitsueki’s Blog

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