The NEW MUST TRY: Pocky Cherry Blossom! (KOREA) 🌸

It’s cherry blossom season after all, so this means more cherry blossom related posts on SG Lifestyle! 🌸

Here’s one that we’re DYING to get our hands on..

Pocky Cherry Blossom Flavor?!

This special edition seasonal flavor of 🌸 Cherry Blossom flavored Pocky pretz sticks 🌸 can ONLY be found in Korea – we assume at the supermarkets and convenience stores.

source: KAvenyou

Also accordingly to KAvenyou, the box can be folded in a way that it will hang on your bag as seen above.

Honestly speaking, we don’t know why anyone would do that but okay, you can do that if you’d like – it is a pretty box after all.

How to Get the Pocky Cherry Blossom in Singapore?

Anyway, there are TWO ways to get your hands on the Pocky Cherry Blossom from Korea if you’re stuck in Singapore and have no travel plans to visit Korea.

1. Beg your friends who are going to Korea / are in Korea to TOMPANG them back for you

2. Make a request off Airfrov. Get 3 boxes for $10!
(Additional Lobang: Use code (MITSU) for $10 free credits! ($5 credits will be applied for every $35 transaction))

We don’t know how the Pocky Cherry Blossom will taste like, but this is definitely something unique to try!

Now don’t say we never share ah! 😎😉

*Image source: KAvenyou

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