SG Lifestyle Eats 7-11 Oishii Springtime Fun

SG Lifestyle Eats: 7-11 Oishii Springtime Fun!

Speaking of food invites that I am most looking forward to, this is gotta be one of them – 7-11!

Not that I am speaking good things about them because it is a media invite – but I have ALWAYS been a huge 7-11 for as long as I could remember, mainly because it is my saviour when it comes to being my hunger-problem solver.


And this time, 7-11 has came up with a JAPAN themed food series (*squeals in excitement) which I felt was really innovative.

Due to the pandemic situation, I believe everyone is feeling deprived of the same thing – The FEEL of being overseas.

And thanks to the 7-11 team, I was able to “get a taste” of Japan for short while.


With the beautiful Sakura backdrop and decoration, I felt like I was “transported” to Japan instantly.

And not to mention the food spread that was presented – Each of them was carefully selected to bring out the rich Japan experience at UNBELIEVABLE prices.

Most awesome part of all? They are all READY-TO-EAT and takes only minimal time to prepare!

For a starter, here’s

                1) 7-11 SELECT Sakura Ebi Onigiri

(Usual Price: $2.20. PROMO Price: Any 3 Japan Spring Onigiri for $6)


This rice ball is sakura-flavoured and mixed with dried shrimp + edamame and topped with succulent prawn tempura.


The softness of the rice complements the ingredients really well – the combination just blended and I felt it was kinda-addictive. I couldn’t stop taking one bite after another! And before I realised it, I already finished the whole onigiri.


Personally, I feel that it is an ideal on-the-go snack, especially when you are in a hurry – It is just so convenient as the size is small but yet it can be so satisfying to the taste buds and stomach. Perfect for busy individuals like me who do not have the luxury of time to sit down for a decent meal sometimes.

2. 7-SELECT Oden (Price: $2.80)


 A classic staple of Japan – A combination of fishcakes, daikon slices and konnyaku simmered in light soy-flavoured dashi broth. Yum!

I especially ENJOYED the fishcakes so much.


The broth is such a pleasure! With the fishcake slices soaked thoroughly in it, each bite was an explosion of rich soy flavour – and the chewy texture just makes you enjoy every second of it! Perfect combination with any other rice or main dishes.

I like it that the broth is not overly salty, too! I highly recommend this if you are a soup lover.


3) 7-SELECT Oyakadon (Price: $4.50)


Oyakadon is a traditional Japan dish that contains chicken and egg simmered in a moreish dashi-based sauce and pan-fried onions served over a bowl of fluffy steamed rice.

And… Honestly, at $4.50 – Where in the world can you get to taste something like that at this kind of price?!

Combined with the sweetness of the sauce, the fragrance from the onions was such a booster to the whole taste. I am sure you are not gonna’ believe this is a pre-cooked food because it tasted exactly like how I would expect from an atas Japanese restaurant! A definite huge comfort food if you are returning home late and do not have time for an actual meal – Better (and a healthier choice) than eating instant noodles. Hahaha.

I will recommend to pair it together with 7-SELECT Oden soup to complete the taste!

3) 7Cafe Matcha Latte

(Price: Hot – $2.40. Promo price NOW: $2 | Cold – $3. Promo Price NOW: $2.50)


After having all the delicious meals, how could I simply miss out on an icy cold drink? I am sure this 7Cafe Matcha Latte has gained many fans because I have seen many purchasing it at 7-11 stores. After I had personally tasted it for myself, I finally know why!

Being a fan of matcha drinks, I have tasted many versions that are really watery and diluted – They just did not make the mark. But 7Cafe Matcha Latte IS different – The matcha flavour is strong, thick and rich. Especially during the hot weather, it is totally a joy! Unless you are not a matcha lover, I don’t see any reason why you will not enjoy this as much as I did!

3) 7SELECT x PABLO Cheese Swiss Roll Cake – Exclusive

(Price: $3.30. Promotion: Any 2 PABLO Dessert for $6)


A swirl of slightly savoury cream cheese that runs through this buttery featherlight swiss roll cake that is made with 100% Japanese flour. Perfect to complete meals as a dessert or simply as a light snack when watching your favorite Netflix movie. Do not worry if you are afraid it may be overly sweet because it isn’t – In fact, the portion is just nice even after having a heavy meal!

 I do love it and may stock some up in my fridge as my night supper *chuckles*


Seriously, 7-11 has MANY other varieties to suit almost everyone. The ones which I’ve featured and tried above were only some highlights – There are actually more from the series that you can check them out at 7-11 stores. I feel the food range is amazing – especially when they are actually convenient food that only requires heating up as part of the preparation.

You do not have to spend hours preparing ingredients and cooking them – Just buy, heat up and ta-da!


Thank you, 7-11, for having me over at the tasting and “transporting” me to Japan – It was a truly enjoyable experience and I LOVE each and every single dish. If I really have to choose one, my favourite from those I’ve tried would be the Oden. As I am typing this, I could still remember the taste very well! (Haha)

And if you have tried and love the dishes as much as I did, don’t forget to tag 7-11 @7ElevenSG with the hashtag #7ElevenJapanSpring

And before I end this post, here’s a Happy Me: –  SEE YOU GUYS!!


*Disclosure: This was an invited media tasting. 
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