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SG Lifestyle Eats | BLACK FAIRY @ Carpenter Street + Happy Hour Promotions

It was the first time that I heard of Black Fairy (and I really think it is an unique and easy-to-remember name!) – and I was even all the more curious of its menu items. I was filled with excitement when I received the invite to have a taste of them!

Located in a very centralised venue along Carpenter Street (Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay and it’s a very short walking distance!), you can’t miss their attractive neon signage on the outside:


Honestly, I was very torn when I saw their menu – There was so much variety to choose from, ranging from Japanese food to western type, etc .. that we had to end up asking them what was recommended – Everything just seemed so good, especially when we went with empty stomachs.

Here’s our appetiser for a start – Truffle fries!


Ok, granted that truffle fries can be very subjective (it’s either you love or hate it), but I am a huge fan of truffles. In my opinion, not all truffle fries are nice and some can be very mild in taste, but the ones at Black Fairy were very rich in the flavour- and crunchy even when we ate it an hour plus later! It’s certainly perfect when you are not feeling exactly hungry but yet yearn for a small bite – this is one of the ideal choices.

Not long after, our second appetiser arrived! Meet the Meat Sushi Platter – ($14.90)


8 pieces in total, this features some of the flavours such as Char Siew, Classic Beef Tenderloin, Classic wagyu karubi and Truffle wagyu karubi.

I admit I am not really that much of a char siew lover, but went ahead to do a taste test anyway so that I can offer my verdict (Haha!) And yes, I am actually quite accepting to its taste and texture – which was quite chewy to an extent! For the wagyu pieces, my beef lover friends finished them up pretty fast – and they claimed that the meat was juicy and tender. (I guess it can be quite telling from the photos too. HAHA).

Here’s one main dish that we were recommended to (One of their best sellers) – Prawn Zosui. (Rice soup – $14.90) (Yes, it does look like that in real life too)


Doesn’t it look just… Salivating-ly (if there ever is such a word. LOL) delicious?! I felt the prawns looked huge… and juicy to a T! Not to mention that I am someone who loves any food that involves prawns – this was an amazing treat.

And the verdict? It was just PURELY addictive. The rice was a nice blend with the prawn soup – and yummy is an understatement. It comes with a lava egg too (my favourite!). Every bite was bursting with the richness of the prawn’s flavour, and I could not stop eating one mouthful after another.

I will definitely give it a 5/5 stars. They do have a ramen version of it as well, for those who don’t prefer the rice!

Here’s our second main dish (It can be a shared portion amongst two pax, if you are a small eater) – Signature Pork Ribs ($29.00)


I can’t begin to express how much I enjoyed the texture of this. The sauce that came along with it was such a bonus – It complemented every bite well. Personally, I dislike pork that are rough in texture that made it extremely hard to chew on. But I did not have issue with the one at Black Fairy’s. The whole plate was finished up pretty fast and we heard this was a popular choice amongst the guests too!

And as if that isn’t enough, here’s an added sinful but irresistible option – Chicken Karaage ($9.00)


Crispy on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside – A perfect little dish to add on to any of your main meals or as a standalone appetiser. I love to dip them in chilli sauce for an extra spicy twist. Recommended!

Mentai Cauli with Bonito Flakes ($12.00)

If you are not so much of a meat lover, here’s an option that you will not miss out on – Mentai Cauli with bonito flakes on top! Honestly, I could not that they are vegetables (I thought they looked more like fried mushrooms) They had made them so crunchy and tasty that even vegetable haters may turn into fans! (The mental sauce goes along well with this appetiser!)


If you aren’t convinced already, here’s a great deal that I believe you ain’t gonna miss out on!

Black Fairy Coffee and Grill (located at Jalan Besar) is currently having Happy Hour Promotions, daily from 4-9pm with different enticing deals each day prepared for you!

On Mondays, they are offering a whopping 50% off all food items on their menu. You can take the chance to try out some of their signature items such as: Black Fairy Pork Ribs and Rustic Beef Stew, and newly launched items:  Seafood Stew and Red Wine Beef Ragu Bolognese at only half the price!

On Tuesday nights, they have 50% off all drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well! (OMG?!)

As the star of the show, there is also a 50% off the whole menu every Wednesday, REGARDLESS of what you order on the menu.

And on Thursdays, Black Fairy Coffee and Grill has Ladies’night as well which ladies can have any 3 drinks on the house!

On Fridays, Black Fairy celebrates the end of the week with $5 Tapas.  Mala Winglets, Salted Egg Fries, Fried Squid Togarashi and many more sides at your fingertips at an affordable price.

Even on weekends -Saturdays and Sundays– There are alcoholic promotions as well – A complimentary Stella tower/Prosecco bottle with a minimum spending of $150 per table on Saturdays and a complimentary beer bucket with a minimum spending of $100 on Sundays. Spend the weekend right with Black Fairy Coffee & Grill!

There are simply too many choices for you to choose from! A highly recommended place to spend on a night’s out or even a place for casual meetings.

Do check them out if you haven’t!

*Note: This was an invited media tasting but all opinions are of our own

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