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SG Lifestyle Eats | Chocoelf (Homegrown Chocolate Brand in Singapore)

When it comes to lifting moods, chocolates are always my to-go. I could never resist a piece of good ol’ chocolate!

So when I was invited to a media tasting with Chocoelf (a homegrown brand in SG!), my eyes brightened up in glee immediately and a wide smile spread across my lips.

Just a little bit of background regarding Chocoelf: –

It is a joint creation of a master chocolatier (Josephine) and a surgeon that loves chocolate (Joe). Over the years, Josephine has continued to hone her expertise through influences from the best chocolatiers in Swiss, French, German and Italian.


Located conveniently at Chinatown, it is truly an accessible (and ideal!) place for anyone who loves to chill or have a hangout session with friends.

Just look at the spread of chocolate choices! Honestly, their chocolates were so creatively designed that I did find it a difficult task to even bite into them. It felt… cruel. Urgh.


Don’t believe me? Here’s the next scene that will make you go Óoh and Ahhh.

These little cuties are actually deliciously edible!


And although I was given quite a number of choices for this media tasting, I did not really choose the cute ones. (LOL)

Well, let’s get down to the main topic of the day – To put the chocolates to my taste buds’ test!

I had wanted to try out some of their highly-raved exclusive localized flavors, such as Asian Noodle, Couch Potato, just to name a few.  These are the more uncommon ones in the market, which makes it even more exquisite and rare! (I heard they even have the Bak Kut Teh flavour, but I shall leave that one to my next visit!)


After choosing the piece of my preferred chocolate flavor (Pictured here are Asian Noodle and Couch Potato), the staff would prepare them and cut them into four smaller pieces for easier consumption and sharing with friends.


You can definitely see the noodle bits in there! It was really interesting as I would never have imagined the combination of noodles and chocolates together. One may find it strange, but you will never know till you try it!

And so I did. I have to say I did like the taste of it!

There was a tinge of saltiness amidst the rich chocolate taste, and the noodle bits contributed to the crunchiness as a whole. The nutty element could be tasted from the bits of hazelnut that was added to it.

Here’s a close-up look of the ingredients contained in one of the pieces: –


If you are a fan of mamee snack noodles like me, I would recommend you to give this a try – even if the idea of it may weird you out at first!

Ok, on to the second flavor of the day – Couch Potato!


This was supposed to contain potato chips combined with milk chocolate. For the nutty element, there were hazelnut contained as well. However, I personally felt that the taste of potato chips were somewhat lacking, but more of the hazelnut taste that was overpowering it. If you are someone who loves hazelnut, this will definitely be the choice for you.

And if you are a small eater, they even have mini chocolate truffle bites for your choice as well!


Pictured here are mainly the dark chocolate series – and I have to say that they are quite bitter in taste (but smooth in texture). Legit PURE classic chocolates. One bite per piece and I finished them within minutes!

**And one important to note: There are many “No Sugar Added” choices at Chocoelf as well and they are also the FIRST chocolate-maker in SG that was awarded the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice! Fancy that- getting to eat your favorite chocolates while not compromising on the quality!


The look of one of its insides: –


And if you are feeling thirsty, Chocoelf also has their trademark Classic Hot Chocolate & Ruby Hot Chocolate for your choice!


However, I personally felt quite overwhelmed as the chocolatey taste can be overpowering – The drink is thick in texture. However, if you are someone who can withstand the strength of it, I am positive that you will love it. It is totally a heaven for chocolate lovers!

Be it for yourself or for friends, there is certainly something for everyone. Chocoelf even has great gift sets, too! And I have to admit they look really presentable – a PERFECT gift choice for couples as well.


Thank you , Chocoelf, for the wonderful experience!


If you would like to drop by already, as below are the details : – I always love to share a great deal when I see one!

Tip: They make a great present for Mother’s Day!

232 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058781
T: +65 6223 3380
Operating Hours:
Mon – Thu: 10.00 – 19.30
Fri – Sun: 10.00 – 21.30


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