East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle By Astons Review

SG Lifestyle EATS: East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle: By Astons

This has gotta’ be one of my most “looked forward” food tastings.

Presenting to you…


East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle(東寶特製蝦麵)!!

I kid you not – I am a MEGA (I repeat: MEGA!) huge fan of prawn noodles – to the extent that I could eat prawn noodles almost daily.

So you can say that my expectations for prawn noodles is superbly high.

To be honest, I did not pin high hopes for this tasting in the beginning – but boy, was I wrong.

So very wrong.

(Don’t say you aren’t warned. Do not read on if you are having an empty stomach.)

Oh, oh- before I begin all the juicy details, let me start off with the place they are located at.

(Because I think that even their location is kinda’ cool!)

Located in quite a cosy venue right in the hearts of Serangoon Gardens, East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle is situated in a little mall known as “myVillage“. (The exact address will be stated at the end of this post, so be sure to read on!)

Honestly, I had never heard of this place before prior to the tasting – and I have to say this is really a place full of hidden gems.

myVillage is actually a petite, high-end mall with a limited number of boutiques, plus eateries & a rooftop green space!

AND despite it was my first time there, I could actually find East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle without much hassle at all.

Reason being that they are RIGHT at the center once you come down from the escalator – and the SMELL is unmistakable . You simply can’t miss that fragrance of cooked PRAWNS.


And here they are!!

Okay, I shall cut to the chase now and start focusing on their prawn noodles – I am just so excited to write about them!

For the tasting, we had 3 different types of prawn noodles.

Depending on different individual’s preferences, here’s the first: –

Supreme Big Prawn Noodle (DRY version)


Look at that – look at that!!! A complete bowl of delicacy.

Here’s another close-up of the soft and tender meat:


And the MAIN highlight???


It’s this heavenly (I think even heavenly is an understatement) bowl of pure prawn soup broth.

All it takes is a sip of it to send you into a state of euphoria as the sharp and distinguishable prawn taste travels straight to your nose – and swallowing it down your throat simply makes you crave for more, and more and more… …

The broth is THICK, undiluted and just bursting with the most fragrant prawn taste that I’ve ever tasted in my life. You may think that I am exaggerating, but I am certain you will feel the same way as I did if you are a genuine prawn noodle lover.

And that’s not all!

There are extra “toppings” that you can add to spice up all your meals – such as this chilli powder.

I love it that it isn’t really spicy, but it enhances the taste to another level

(I personally felt that the powder had a tinge of prawn flavour too)


If you do not prefer chilli powder, probably you can consider adding this – All up to your preference!


If you are not a dry version lover, here’s the Supreme Big Prawn Noodle in soup version.


Fancy that – every ingredient is made to blend with each other so well to perfection.

Even the texture of the noodles was not overly hard and JUST right – It absorbs the flavour and every mouthful is just pure bliss.

(I was told that their prawn noodles were prepared way much in advance so that the flavour seeps in well when served to the customers. So it isn’t those type of instant cook-and-serve type. In fact, this kind of taste can only be made possible with LONG hours of preparation! So you can imagine why this is something to die for if you are someone who truly appreciates prawn noodles like me!)

And they even have another choice for people who love their prawn noodles with a tinge of spiciness (but yet not overly spicy!)

Penang Big Prawn Noodle


At first look, it reminded me of mee siam (cos of the eggs).

But hey, it’s… really delicious. There is not a major difference of taste in the soup except that it is a mild spicier version (if you think it is not spicy enough, you can always add in the chilli powder) that enhances it really well!

OH OH, and there is one factor that I find VERY interesting in ALL the prawn noodle versions –

It is the fried pork lard that is always CRUNCHY even though they are soaked in the soup. I don’t know how they did it, but I would say it is pretty amazing!!

On top of that, if you are a soup addict like me – there is always an option to ask for more soup – but this will require an additional $0.80 per bowl.

If you were to ask me, I would say that it is VERY worth it because the soup is a total pure gem – each of them are prepared with large amount of prawn shells (so you can imagine the flavour of it)- so much that you JUST can’t stop drinking it mouthful after mouthful.



I can confirm that it is totally true as I am someone who is very sensitive to MSG –  I had drank alot of the soup and yet did not feel any sense of thirst at all!

Now you must be wondering, with THESE kind of prawn noodles, they are bound to come with a heavy price tag, right?

Well, that was my initial thought, too.

Until I saw the menu with the list of prices:

The lowest priced bowl of prawn noodles is only at $5.80 (Classic Prawn Noodle)  – everything is the same except for the difference in prawn type.


I gasped in surprise. Honestly, I was expecting it to be at least $10 – $12 per bowl minimally.

At $5.80 and the chance of tasting this kind of premium soup, I would say it is a TOTAL STEAL.

My final verdict of this tasting session?

The BEST prawn noodle taste that I ever had in my lifetime.

Look at the aftermath: –

None of the prawn was spared.


Personally, my preference is the DRY prawn noodle version – because I can get to taste the pure premium fragrance of the prawn soup separately.

Of course, this is subjective to different individual as to how you would like it!

The only downside (for me) is that I do stay pretty far from the location, but I do not mind travelling specially there just to have a bowl.

YES, it is just THIS good.

Here’s the address:

 East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle: By Astons
myVillage @ Serangoon Garden, 1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679.

It is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

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