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SG Lifestyle Eats: Pink Fish @ Jewel Changi Airport

When it comes to delicious and tender salmon or sashimi, I believe the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Japanese food.

But after the tasting at PINK FISH, I was very surprised that they are not a Japanese food chain – but lovely delicacies all the way from Norway!

A brief introduction on PINK FISH if you have not heard of them already: –

Pink Fish is a new fast–casual seafood concept with Norwegian salmon the star of the show.

Award-winning chef and Bocuse d’Or winner  Geir Skeie had a dream: to bring fresh Norwegian salmon to people all over the world. He imagined a vibrant menu of salmon dishes, packed with delicious international flavours and served to order—fast.


Located at the basement level of Jewel Changi Airport, it is difficult to miss this awesome gem.

Other than the great food that they offer (stay tuned and read on!), I am IN ULTIMATE LOVE of the ambience of the place.

P1133417 copy

Pardon the human heads in the photo – Could not get a perfect photo of the lovely waterfall as they were other customers seated around during the time I was there for the tasting.

The colour of the waterfall is constantly changing – so soothing just by staring at it!

(I somehow got lost in daydream land while looking at it for a few minutes. Hahaha)

Ok – enough of staring – Time for the actual highlight!

When we were presented the menu of the food available at PINK FISH, I was completely spoilt for choice.

You know the kind of feeling when you just want to have a taste of every single item on the menu but yet worry that you can’t finish them all eventually?

Well… I asked for the best recommendations (and fortunately, I had 2 other pax with me so I was able to taste more dishes without much food wastage *chuckles)

So grip on tight to your seats while I present to you some of the recommendations at PINK FISH (and my personal favourites)!

Fish and chips


A great starter before any meals. I was so surprised when I was told that the fish bites are actually NOT fried, but grilled!

And they tasted as crunchy as ever. It was recommended to consume as soon as possible for the best quality taste (but I actually had it after 15 minutes as I was too engrossed in taking photos!)

The fish bites were crunchy on the outside, and soft + tender on the insides! To top it all, the chips complemented them really well. In no time, we finished every bit of it while chatting away. (and I actually felt one plate wasn’t enough! Haha)

If you are a salad lover,  you may consider this:

Asian Raw 

(The original version on the menu comes with the rice, but it was a custom order to be served without as our other dishes mostly contain rice!)


It comprises of sashimi cubes, greens, onions – a perfect blend of juicy combination.

I will be honest here – I am NOT an usual fan of salad as I dislike greens in raw form – but somehow I was still able to take a few mouthfuls and yet felt it was not that bad after all! I have to emphasize that the sashimi are REALLY fresh and thick in texture, making it extra chewy!


I will classify it as premium quality. Salmon lovers – I can be sure you are NOT gonna’ miss this.

This next dish is one of my personal favorites from Pink Fish: –

Saba Mackerel Teriyaki


With kimchee, cucumber, edamame & onion.

Look at those colours!! (I did not filter this photo at all – it’s presented as it is)

If you are thinking that it looks tasty, then I am gonna’ tell you that this dish indeed taste as good as it looks!!! The saba fish was VERY tender and soft – to the extent that I felt it could literally dissolve in my mouth. In addition, I love how the teriyaki sauce sits in really well, and the saba fish was super, duper well-marinated in it. Sedap, lah!

Let’s dig in!


Something I find interesting is the combination of kimchi. At first glance, I didn’t feel it would fit – but it actually did! This bowl of goodness contains sweetness, mild sourness with a tinge of spiciness. And yet not overly filling! For people who do not fancy too heavy of a meal will certainly appreciate the invention of this.

There’s another on the menu (under Pokebowl series) that topped my favourites:  –

Mala Salmon Poke bowl


You must be thinking… Mala.. Seriously? Yes! This is one of their newer dishes that was introduced to the menu as the chef wanted to have a local taste added which I think is really thoughtful!

It is a healthy fusion with freshness from the deep and oriental spicines in a bowl- Norweigian Salmon cubes along with rice/ quinoa and together with asian delights such as beancurd and oriental fresh greens. Topped with an onsen egg , sprinkled with nori and slathered on a generous serving of freshly in house concocted Mala Sauce- which is brimming with fragrant Sichuan peppercorns and chillies to give an addictive explosion of numbness and spiciness

And being a fan of mala, this is a definite MUST-try for me. The salmon cubes were marinated with the Mala sauce and all I had in my mind was one word to describe the taste :-



It was hella’ addictive! So much that I could not stop eating the salmon cubes – and almost finished them all up. The Mala sauce is not those kind that will be spicy to the extent of burning your tongue – but more of a slight numbing sensation that tickles your taste buds really well! I simply cannot find any reason for anyone to dislike this dish, seriously!! I really hope that they will continue this flavour on the menu for a long time because I won’t mind travelling from the west all the way to Jewel Changi Airport just to have a taste of this!

And if you are in for another local taste dish – Here’s one that’s combined with Western style:

Singaporean burger 


Sambal slaw, cucumber, pickled onion and salted egg.


The crunchy bits are awesome BEYOND awesome. The fish was grilled to a perfect T and I just LOVE the sambal sauce!  It actually reminded me of nasi lemak taste, but in burger form. HAHA.

The only downside for burgers (personally) is that I had to eat it in an únglam manner –  but heck, who cares when I can get to enjoy it!

If you are someone who loves burger with a local twist, I highly recommend it. The patty is really tender and juicy, exploding with all the flavours. (Unlike some dried patties which I’ve tried at other restaurants before)

My final verdict for PINK FISH?


All my friends and I love it. This was my first time there and despite the highly-raved reviews online , nothing beats being physically there to try it for myself. And ALL the menu items did not disappoint at all. However, their current only branch is located at Jewel Changi Airport, so one will have to travel all the way there to have it (which I am willing to!)  I can still get to shop and take photos at the airport after a pleasant meal – it’s all good!


Pink Fish Jewel, Changi – Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport
78 airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666

*Disclosure: This was an invited media event
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