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Prawn noodles, anyone? When it comes to prawn noodles, I am always particular about its taste.

Behind every bowl, good authentic prawn noodles comes with unseen hard work, sweat and long boiling hours to produce the most epic taste.

And I have to say that while there are many places in Singapore that sell prawn noodles, but to locate one that is legitimately nice is another story.

So how did One Prawn & Co fare?

Read on to find out my verdict:


I had the honour to meet with Chef Gwyneth Ang (Gosh, she looks very young but already has more than 10 years of culinary experience!), the genius behind the brand:

And I was introduced to how the food was prepared in the kitchen before being served to the table. It was an eye opener!


I have to admit, their prices may not be the lowest (in fact, slightly over average) BUT it’s not hard to see why , and I am sure anyone who loves a bowl of heavenly prawn noodles will be more than willing to pay for it: –

  • The daily production of 100 litres of collagen-rich prawn broth 
  • Day and night, the boilers are on a constant high to extract flavours from over 48kg of prawn heads and pork bones.
    Throughout the day, the soup broth is tended to for at least 20 hours to ensure a smooth boiling process.
  • Only the highest quality prawns are handpicked, needing almost 4 hours to peel, rinse, blend and fry a whopping 18kg of prawn heads just for one batch of broth.
  • The time taken for these preparations start in the morning and often extends past midnight.



One can choose dry or soup version, and either way- the accompanying soup are served in claypots, which enhances the flavour to the optimum.


Soup version of the noodles – (I have chosen yellow noodles for this and it’s soaked in the fragrant broth)


Dry version of the noodles (The fried prawn cracker on its side is an additional add-on which we picked from the menu!)


Do note that the photos above are not edited in any way, and I retained it as it is. So what you are seeing is a photo of THICK broth that has an irresistible fragrance – complete with large and juicy prawns that are very well-marinated.


And to even further enhance the taste experience, we can even request to add this beancurd skin crunchy roll, which I believe is familiar to many whenever it comes to steamboat. This is often ideal for dipping into hot soup and immediate consumption.


This was the first time I tried it with prawn broth, and I have to say the taste exceeded my expectations by heaps and bounds. I never knew the soup can complement the plain beancurd skin crunchy rolls so well! Definitely highly recommended!


And if you are feeling it,  they have the choice of Ngoh Hiang as add-ons as well, in which we can choose for Chef Gwyneth to freshly fry them for us.

Whether you stick to the classic Ngoh Hiang Roll or try their Handmade Fried Fishcake, their ngoh hiang complements the prawn noodles perfectly with contrasting flavours and textures.


Even the sambal chilli were specially-made (I heard the preparation time for chilli alone is 4 hours!!), and it tasted tooooo good. Sedap.


My verdict?

It exceeded all my expectations in what I look for in a bowl of delicious prawn noodles. This isn’t the typical kind of taste and simply cannot be compared to the average prawn noodles that can be found everywhere. I am sure this will delight even the most pickiest prawn-noodle eater!

The broth is to die-for, seriously. I actually finished the soup (but did not capture photos of it as it looked kinda unglamorous). It was like an addiction once you tasted the first mouthful. So be warned.


The only drawback is the limited seating capacity (limit to 60) and it currently does not serve dinner timings.


458 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368176

Operating days and hours:

Tuesdays to Fridays : 11am to 5pm


Facebook/Instagram: @Oneprawnnco

*This was an invited media tasting but all opinions are of the author’s

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