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SG Lifestyle Eats (CNY Special): PINK FISH Abundance Lo-Hei – Celebrating CNY with a different twist!

I believe most Singaporeans have known by now that our Chinese New Year (CNY) in 2021 will have a different twist, in compliance with the Covid measures.

And one of them is the restriction in shouting/talking aloud during the common annual affair – Lo-Hei sessions.

While some of my relatives have given up totally on even planning CNY activities, I feel that there is still a glimpse of hope after I’ve attended PINK FISH media tasting invite.


I know the photo isn’t the clearest up there, but I’m actually holding a bowl of…

Mini Lo-Hei in my hands!

I literally went Awww… when I saw how creative and innovative they are.

Formally known as the Mini Abundance Lo Hei (from $10.90) and only available during the CNY period, the concept behind it is that everyone can have their own individual bowl of Yu Sheng, and you can toss anyhow you want without having to share. (But of course don’t go around screaming auspicious phrases, lah…)

Personally, I call it the “Lo Hei Survival Kit” (and yes, it comes complete with the crackers too. How cute!)


Here’s a close-up of the cute little dish:


Ingredients: Norwegian salmon, pickled ginger, fish skin, crackers, white radish, carrot, edamame,
gherkins, seasame seed, plum sauce

(Note: During the tasting, I had chosen grilled version of the salmon instead of the default raw salmon on their menu.

I will share more about the grilled salmon in later part of this post.. Just read on!)

But of course, they have the normal-sized Lo-Hei (from $28.80) as well if you prefer it for sharing purposes.


Now, before I proceed on to rave about how I really enjoyed the taste…

Let me share a little bit about Pink Fish and why I find their food really special.

Unlike typical sources of salmon, Pink Fish’s version is all Norwegian. In other words, their salmon slices really make them stand out from the crowd! Here’s a close-up of the nicely-cut salmon cubes from the normal-sized version of Lo Hei.

It’s super FRESH, THICK… and the taste is just juicy and rich.


And what’s more, Pink Fish is really generous. They offer quite a good amount of salmon slices in their dishes, certainly making customers feel that they are worth every penny.

I am a HUGE fan of their salmon 100%! *lets out a little gu niang scream*

If you are someone who ain’t fond of raw salmon, there’s an alternative choice that is also highly raved- The grilled version.


I am not exaggerating here, but they are one of the best I’ve ever tasted in terms of salmon quality. I love the fact how they are not over-cooked but made PERFECTLY RIGHT. With the outer texture so smooth, it simply glided on my tongue and the fresh taste of salmon just exploded in my mouth with each bite. I found myself finishing them quicker than my normal eating speed! Just the grilled salmon alone is enough of a reason to keep me coming back for more.

And while you are there, here’s another appetiser not to be missed that’s quite prominent on their menu.

I ALWAYS must have this whenever I pay a visit to Pink Fish!

Cod Nuggets (From $10.90)


Paired with chips and a tar-tar sauce, you WON’T go wrong with this. Each bite-sized cod nuggets is made out of cod fish- and can you believe that they are actually grilled (and not fried)?! In fact, I was told that NONE of the dishes there are fried. Pink Fish is going for the healthier choice, and yet their food still taste even better than fried stuff! How is that even possible?!

Here’s another that I also highly recommend: –

Saba Teriyaki Bowl (From $14.90)

Ingredients –Norwegian mackarel, kimchee, cucumber,edamame & onion.


LOOK at that piece of Norwegian mackarel. Coated with sweet teriyaki sauce, I could finish that up within 5 minutes. Trust me, it tastes better than it looks. The meat was irresistibly tender and soft that chewing on it was almost effortless. For small eaters like myself, this makes a very good meal as it does not contain rice but yet it is satisfying enough for my stomach.

Honestly, it isn’t the most easiest to type this entry up to this point because going through all the photos are making me crave for it again. Being someone who stays in the West, the location isn’t near for me (it is situated at Jewel Changi Airport) but I am more than willing to travel there just to satisfy my craving.

Here’s the exact address:

78 Airport Blvd., #B1-261, Singapore 819666

For those of you who are contemplating to try, I will strongly urge you to!


(Here’s the comparison of the normal-sized Yu Sheng and the individual version that is on the table)

They are available for dine-in and delivery within Singapore as well.


Do feel free to share with me on which are your favourites after your dining experience!

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