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SG Lifestyle Eats: Sushi-GO (With over 100 sushi varieties!) @ &JOY Dining Hall, Jurong Point

Disclaimer: Salivating post ahead that will cause drool and a growling stomach. Proceed at your own risk.


Ok, enough of imagining I am in Japan.

But I have to say I had such a CLOSE experience to being physically in Japan when I was invited over to Sushi-GO to try out their latest varieties.










(Well, I do have high expectations when it comes to Japanese food… ...)

When I first arrived at the place, I was taken aback by its environment.

At first sight, it looked really clean, minimalistic… … and strangely, I did not spot any food.

Where were the sushis?!” I thought to myself.

sushi go

Not long after I sat down, I was given a menu and I heard a buzzing sound.

Zoooom!” I jumped a little as I witnessed a bullet-speed movement in front of my very eyes.

Several plates of sushis suddenly appeared – almost magically! I got amused when I discovered that the “tray” which the plates of sushis were sitting on is actually a replica of a mini Shinkansen-shaped bullet train! The little girl in me squealed and I was so highly fascinated by its cuteness.

According to the Sushi-GO, the bullet train is a symbol of their commitment in providing a fuss-free and speedy service to the diners.

With the convenience of an iPad menu that is present at every table, diners can order their food digitally with their orders “delivered” on this mini bullet train within a short time span! How awesome is that?! I am totally loving this concept more than the “traditional” method of sushis on a moving belt.

In fact, I got addicted to watching the sushis travelling to our table and I find it amazing how the “bullet train” stopped at our table directly. It’s hard not to smile at the sight of them!


Okok, enough of the moving sushis.

Let me have a sip of the iced green tea before we begin the highlights of the day!


Honestly, my stomach is starting all the growling nonsense at point of writing.


Spicy Onion Chashu Sushi(S$2.30): (**NEW DISH)


I had the pleasure to be able to test the latest additions to their menu, one of which is this Spicy Onion Chashu Sushi(S$2.30), a gorgeous offering showcasing sliced chashu perched on blocks of vinegared rice.

The intertwining strips of onion are accompanied with a homemade spicy sauce, which packs a fragrant note and is highly addictive.

Although there is a word “spicy” contained in its name, you can be assured that it is not on the spicy side at all. The level was only VERY mild. In fact, I felt that the mildness tinge complemented the chashu taste in general – and they blended together so well! Being someone who does NOT usually fancy cha shu, I still took the plunge and tasted it.

To my big surprise, I actually instantly forgot that the white piece was actually cha shu! The texture of the meat piece was not hard to chew on at all, and yet it is very soft and tender. The mild spicy toppings was indeed the perfect addition and doubled up its yummy-licious taste to another level!

You will crave for another after just one mouthful. How could one simply be enough,lah?!  Seriously.

Mala Clam Gunkan (S$1.80): (**NEW DISH)


When I first placed this in my mouth, I already knew my description for this particular sushi dish.


I love the fact how they name it “Mala” Clam Gunkan and yet they are able to keep the spiciness level to a “just-nice” mode without compromising on the flavour. Even for those of you who fear upon hearing the word “Mala” (In China, “Mala” is actually a superrrrr spicy kind of dish), but I am sure you guys will NOT complain about this at all.

Personally, I felt that it is a combination of well-balanced sweetness and mild spiciness (Not sure if I would even classify it as spicy, but more of a slight numbing sensation) in one. You may think I am being exaggerating, but this was heaven to my taste buds and I made the immediate decision that this is gonna be one of my favourites in the list.

And it is linked to the next new dish that’s coming right up:-

Mala Clam(S$3.20): (**NEW DISH)


I would call it a “pure clam version” of the former as the whole plate of goodness comes without the sushi rice – and this makes a reaaaallly good appetiser! I totally and thoroughly enjoyed this – and I could not stop after each mouthful. It just got more addictive and I was pretty sure I was able to finish 2 to 3 plates of this by myself. One thing I have to emphasise, is that the clams seemed fresh! (This is an important element when it comes to seafood consumption)

I am being a drama mama again, but I had an  ‘out-of-body’ experience while tasting this. The clams and sauce were so, so perfect being merged together.

It tasted slightly more richer and spicier than the Mila Clam Gunkan.

GO-Tsunami Sushi (S$5.50)


Oooh. Mama mia.

Fresh slices of salmon drape a block of vinegared rice, which is set on a carpet of nori.

On the top of them lay a thick layer of crabstick meat + ikura, ready to give you the utmost kick in your taste buds.

For a raw salmon lover like me, you will appreciate the full freshness of the salmon pieces. I enjoyed this dish to the maximum – but only bear in mind that this is best recommended to be eaten using hands, rather than utensils as there is a thin piece of seaweed to be consumed together with it for the optimal taste. Based on my personal experience, you may end up spilling the yummy bits if you ain’t using your hands! (Important note: Don’t forget to sanitise/wash your hands!)

Ikura Gunkan(S$3.80)


A well-loved favourite, with glistening salmon roe promising a burst of savoury flavour.

Ain’t the thick shade of orange colour tempting you already? When I took my very first bite on this, the sea of salmon roe literally exploded in my mouth. Pure bliss. The saltiness derived from the salmon roe ain’t overwhelming as it is offset by the sushi rice, in which I thought was the perfect combination.

Mentai Mayo Maguro ($2.30)


Think it looks good? – then I can safely tell you that IT DOES TASTE AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS.

The slices were so soft and tender in texture – super easy to chew. Best recommended to dip in soya sauce or wasabi (I don’t really take wasabi though).

If not for the fact that the sushi rice at the bottom were a tad filling for me, else I would have easily eaten a few sets of these myself!

Salmon-Go (S$3.20) **Best-seller**


An indulgent trio comprising Mentaiko Aburi Salmon Sushi, Cheese Aburi Salmon Sushi and Salmon Sushi.

I took quite a long while deciding which to go first. The trio were such matchmake in heaven!

I especially love the Cheese Aburi Salmon Sushi (I am a cheese lover, so the topping is a treat!) and it blended with the taste of Aburi salmon. One thing I really, really like about all of them was the fact that the slices are on a “half-raw” mode and torched, giving them an unique burst of flavour in each bite. I would recommend this in your To-Eat menu as it will never go wrong, even for people who don’t really fancy raw type!

However, if you are looking for something with a spicier touch, you may opt for the version below: –

Spicy Salmon-GO (S$3.80)


Just the looks of it alone is enough to make me salivate in front of my computer as I am struggling to type.

The chunks of salmon tasted awesome (In fact, awesome is an understatement) with the blending of its fiery sauce. Yum.

Wasabi Hotate Gunkan(S$2.80) : (**NEW DISH)


Hot classic for Wasabi lovers. Sadly, I am not a wasabi lover so I am not able to justify for its taste but this is a totally new feature on their menu! Do let me know your verdict!

Ebi Fry ($2.80)


When one is at a Japanese-themed restaurant, this has definitely got to be in the list!

At just $2.80, I would say it’s worth it as there are 3 pieces on one plate.

My mouth approves the sauce that goes along with every piece – and each one was fried to a delicious shade of literal golden brown. It was still so crunchy even when I did not consume it immediately. The ebi within was thick and freshly fried. Ebi fry fans are gonna go crazy over these. I ain’t joking.

Okay, now for an even fuller dish: –

Miso Chashu Ramen(S$4.80)


The packsanumami flavour is the highlight.

The slices of chashu are incredibly huge but tender, and the ramen noodles have a firm bite. I know how some ramen can taste really salty and I admit I am not a fan of that. However, I took the plunge to give this a try and I was surprised that it wasn’t as salty as I expected it to be! On top of that, the noodles were soaked well in the miso soup and I enjoyed it. Admittedly, I did not get to finish the whole bowl as I was feeling quite full.

And do take note that there is also a spicy variation: Spicy Miso Chashu Ramen (S$5.30) that you can choose from!

Dessert time.

Matcha Warabi Mochi(S$3.20): (**NEW DISH)


Matcha! (Green tea flavour!)

I am looking forward to type this review because it is the first time I am eating this and it was LOVE at first bite! The green matcha powder settled very well with the “Q-ness” of the mochi. A 100%  PERFECT desert after meals. It isn’t filling, and yet it is an addiction – especially with the sweet sauce that you can dip in. My eyes grew wide when I tasted this – I actually almost finish the whole plate to myself!

Cannot tahan. Must take more photos. Very earthy-looking but this is pure happiness.


However, I understand that this can be a very subjective dish as not everyone that I know of is a fan of matcha. It may be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of dessert but I do highly urge those who are a fan to give it a go when you are at Sushi-GO! (Ok, that unexpectedly rhymes *laughs*)

Caramel Pudding(S$3.80)


Here’s another dessert that you can consider-  A sweet and wobbly caramel pudding with whipped cream on top! It is VERY soft so it does not require much effort to even bite it. I felt like it melted in my mouth.

Only that I not a fan of the whipped cream (personal preference) – but other than that, everything else was perfect. Desserts are more subjective to different individuals – but I am sure this little treat here will be well-liked by people who have a sweet tooth (like me!) *chuckles

That’s all for the current tasting menu… and my personal verdict?


I will definitely go back there again.

From my observation and first-hand experience, the customer service was good and the quality of the food was quite premium. Not to mention that the pricing is of an affordable range, and it’s pocket-friendly as you only pay for what you eat within your capability. It’s a good place to chill and have non-stressful conversations with your friends.

Sushi-GO Promotion!

Better still, Sushi-GO is having a special promotion, starting from 1 September 2020 onwards!

  1. Sushi-GO will offer selected sushi items at just S$1.80 for its weekday lunch promotion. ($1.80… That’s a real bargain!)

Promotion starts from 11am to 5pm and will be ongoing till further notice.

Each day will follow a theme featuring different exciting menu:

  • Salmon Monday
  • Tamago Tuesday
  • Spicy Wednesday
  • Ebi Thursday
  • $1.80 Salmon Monday
    • Salmon Sushi
    • Teriyaki Salmon Sushi
    • Mentai Mayo Salmon Sushi
    • Cheese Salmon Sushi
    • Salmon Belly Sushi
    • Teriyaki Mayo Salmon
    • Spicy Onion Salmon
    • Salmon Mayo Gunkan
  • $1.80 Tamago Tuesday
    • Tamago Sushi
    • Mentai Mayo Tamago Sushi
    • Spicy Tamago Sushi
    • Cheese Tamago Sushi
    • Block Tamago Sushi
    • Teriyaki Mayo Tamago Sushi
    • Tamago Handroll
  • $1.80 Spicy Wednesday
    • Spicy Salmon Sushi
    • Spicy Tako Sushi
    • Spicy Kani Stick
    • Spicy Maguro Sushi
    • Spicy Onion Chashu Sushi
    • Asari Kimchi Gunkan
    • Mala Clam Gunkan
  •  $1.80 Ebi Thursday
    • Ebi Sushi
    • Ebi Fry Sushi
    • Mentai Mayo Ebi Sushi
    • Spicy Ebi Sushi
    • Amaebi Sushi
    • Teriyaki Mayo Ebi Sushi
    • Spicy Onion Ebi Sushi

Location: Sushi-GO at &JOY Dining Hall, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-47/48 Shopping Centre,Jurong Point, Singapore 648886 (Nearest MRT is Boon Lay)

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm


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