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SG Lifestyle Eats: Texas Chicken LIMITED Get Sambalz [HALAL]

Speaking about local delicacies, what comes to your mind?

For me, the first thing that popped up onto my mind is definitely.. . Chicken rice! (I can NEVER get tired of chicken rice)

So when Texas Chicken invited me over for their latest media tasting, I was very surprised – They actually came out with new a new menu item that involves Chicken rice – something that I would never have expected from a fast food restaurant!


And yes… This is a FUSION between traditional chicken rice flavour + fried Sambal chicken. What can possibly go wrong? It was like the best of both worlds!

As if that doesn’t sound good enough already, the Texas Chicken Sambal is coated with a lovely sambal sauce made with an original recipe of sambal paste, lemongrass, tumeric powder, assam juice, shallots and other spices.

Mmmm.. OOH LALA…


Honestly, you may think that the chicken is spicy – but I personally feel that the spice level is acceptable, definitely “safe” for all!

The chicken were fried to a golden crisp colour, full of cruchiness while the meat was soft, tender and well-marinated with the sambal flavour. Look at that skin, mama!


And here’s how the set is paired with – Fragrant chicken rice! According to Texas Chicken, it is cooked with a rich chicken stock until fluffy and fragrant – and this is evident when you have your first bite.


The rice texture is soft, and blended very well with the Sambal chicken.


I would say Texas Chicken must have put a lot of thoughts into this combination of flavours that matches well!

And whats even more attractive is the price..

If you are a small eater like me, I am sure you will find comfort in their 1-piece set Sambal Chicken and Rice Set, priced from $8.40, which is inclusive of one piece sambal chicken, chicken flavoured rice, one regular coleslaw and one regular Sjrora Mango Peach .

For friends who have bigger appetites, there is another set just right for it – A 2-piece Sambal Chicken Combo, from $9.80, consisting of two pieces of sambal chicken, one small mashed potatoes, one honey butter biscuit and one regular Sjora Mango Peach drink.


For family and friends sharing, there is an attractive 5-piece Sambal chicken bundle, starting from $27.90 too! It comes with five pieces of sambal chicken, one popcorn chicken, one large mashed potatoes, two honey biscuits and two regular Sjora Mango Peach.

Whoa, whoa , whoa. Simply spoilt for choices.

And here’s another for the sweet little tooth, or in case you are feeling that the spiciness is starting to kick in…

Chendol Gula Melaka Soft Serve Sprinkled with Sea Salt ($2.50)

(A creamy coconut soft serve, topped with red beans and pandan green jelly strings, drizzled with thick gula melaka syrup and a sprinkling of sea salt..Can you feel it in your mouth already??!)


I really love the taste of the chendol as it has that “old school” taste and yet it is not overly sweet – Perfection. And notice how it comes in a small cup – it’s very easy to eat and I could carry around. And even when it melted, I could just drink it straight from the cup! How convenient! Hahaha.

Definitely a suitable dessert for both the young and old! I’ll highly recommend this as it went on my favorite list!

If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the chance and you can enjoy even greater savings with the below exclusives: –

From 15 April to 26 May 2021, delivery orders with a minimum spend of $20 will get additional 10 percent off using the promo code 10SAMBALZ when you check out!

Delivery option is available via Foodpanda, Grabfood, Deliveroo and Texas Chicken’s islandwide delivery platform on

Note: This is an invited media event but all opinions are of the author’s own.
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