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When it comes to food, I believe it is a favorite subject amongst most Singaporeans. (Me included!)

So when I received the invitation to be a part of Singapore Food Festival 2023 this year, I let out a little squeal. Despite the superbly small appetite that I have, it does not diminish the fact that food hunting is still one of my favorite activities with friends.

If you have yet to be at Singapore Food Festival 2023 already, I am urging you to! And this post of mine will show you why. (Honestly, I did not pin high hopes before heading there, but I came back having one of the most awesomest food experiences ever!)

Pardon the lack of clarity in some of the photos – It was quite dim by the time we arrived and we tried our best to capture the best shots!

(Stay tuned to the end of this post as there is a short video, too!)

With a short walking distance from Bayfront MRT to Bayfront Event Space, we finally found the check-in counter. (Do note that visitors are only allowed to enter from the main entrance and it is important for you to know where it is! I went the wrong way and had to walk one big round from the back gates)

We reached the counter and registered ourselves for the media preview – Got the tasting passport which we were able to travel around the different zones to try out the various delicacies according to our preferences. In this post, I will be showcasing some of the food that I had chosen (but there are actually MORE varieties if you head there personally!)

Upon entrance, we were greeted by a breathtaking view. It felt like I wasn’t in Singapore (in a good way!) I love the ambience of the environment.

There were many seating areas and photo opportunities. Don’t worry that you will be lost because the zones are quite structured.

I headed to Sweet Alley straightaway and gotten myself a cup of gelato that you can choose your own preferred flavours. (I chose Mango & Yuzu + Chocolate chips!) Yummy and perfect as a thirst quencher!

For small bites, we got ourselves some Japanese onigiris. Tasty is an understatement.

And from the very same stall, I got some tacos as well. They tasted unique and the gravy blended well with the meat.

And they even had the choices of Laksa – it comes in wet OR dry version. As I am a person who prefers soupy stuff, I opted for the soup version (although I wished I had the appetite to try the dry one as well)

Interestingly, I felt that the laksa tasted more like Tom Yum (It may be just me and my taste buds, but I am definitely not complaining because I am a Tom Yum lover, too!)

And here’s something that the elderly would love – Chicken curry with some bread to dip! I love this so much that I almost finished the curry gravy alone.

And for the sweet tooth, here’s a chocolate lava cake that I redeemed- Beware, this is highly addictive. Once you inserted your spoon into it, the inner chocolate will gush out like… lava.

Aah…Sounds heavenly….

I have to say the chocolate can be quite heavy in taste so you will surely find yourself needing a cup of refreshing water.

And at one of the stalls, I caught this cute bear bottle which you can choose your preferred cold tea! (I kept the bottle even after finishing the drink – it is just too adorable!)

And for coffee lovers, there is something for you too: A blend of coffee and cendol in one! Initially, I was not fond of the fusion but I was surprised that they were actually such a fantastic combination! 

Some of the healthier choices  of drinks available too: –

And here’s something that was popular amongst the younger ones: – Assorted chocolate candies in different flavours that you can choose from. Visit their stall and you will be able to find gift sets too that you can gift your loved ones.

As I was going around to explore the food options, I came across this cute durian baby mascot too. I could not help but take a photo with it. (I ended up dancing with it too. LOL!)

Honestly, it was nearly impossible to cover every single food item as there were simply too many choices and we only had limited time. But you can be assured that there is something for everyone, be it young or old! If you are someone who loves exploring different types of food and chilling with friends, this is something that you must add to your list before the event officially ends on 30 July 2023. (YES, IT IS ONLY FOR A LIMITED PERIOD!)

And as promised, here are some highlights featured in this video: –


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Thanks for having us 🙂

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