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SG Lifestyle Eats: We Try The Smokin’ Special from Meat n’ Chill

The other day, we had the privilege of being invited to Meat n’ Chill to try out their Smokin’ Special which they released in celebration of their sixth anniversary. While it was my first time there, it definitely wasn’t my editor’s first!

Located in Sixth Avenue Centre (which is a 3 minutes walk from Sixth Avenue MRT), Meat n’ Chill is one of the first few shops you will come across as you approach the place.


There are 2 storeys to the restaurant itself and I must say that its interior is rather cosy especially if you were to visit the place in the evening or at night.

Moving on, here are all the dishes we tried out at the restaurant:

Smokin’ Special ($68 per set)

If you were to ask me what my favourite protein is, my answer would be beef. I have high expectations for any dishes that contain beef in them and I would say that the Smokin’ Special definitely satisfied my beef cravings.

The Smokin’ Special consists of asparagus, bread, barbeque sauce and of course, a slab of wagyu steak.

The chef used a smoking gun to smoke the asparagus, bread and wagyu steak, making it totally Instagram worthy because it was absolutely stunning to see the smoke surrounding everything.

We had our steak done medium rare and boy was it juicy. Personally, I usually pick out all the fatty parts of my steak because they are always so tough and get stuck in your teeth but the fats in this wagyu steak were so soft, I gobbled it all down. The steak tasted really good, however, you can’t taste the smokiness in the steak. The smokey flavour had been fully absorbed by the buttered bread, making it very prominent.

The bad news is… They only serve 6 Smokin’ Specials a day and it is only available till the end of April 2021 so hurry down!

As part of their sixth anniversary, they also have a smoked whisky special going at $16 per shot which my editor and I really wanted to try but decided not to because it was too early for a drink in the afternoon. However, if you are having this for dinner – we recommend ordering their smoked whisky to pair with your meal!

Signature Original Pork Ribs ($22)

Other than the Smokin’ Special, we also tried the Signature Original Pork Ribs ($22).

The pork ribs were not the super “fall off the bone” soft but were tasty with a lot of meat on a single rib. The portion size was so huge, we could not finish it – so I would say it’s really worth it for the price you pay.

For our sides, we chose buttered corn and truffle fries (for an additional $3).

The buttered corn was so sweet and you could taste the freshness of the corn. I was highly contented that the corn did not come on a cob because it would have been a hassle to eat. Nonetheless, I would definitely order the buttered corn again during my next visit!

The truffle fries, on the other hand, were slightly disappointing as they smelled rich in truffle oil, yet tasted like any other ordinary french fries. However, a plus point would be that it was deep-fried to perfection- crispy and crunchy on the outside, but at the same time, soft on the inside.

For our beverages, we had:

Oreo Madness Milkshake ($8)

The oreo madness milkshake was very creamy and was not too thick in terms of consistency. Like any other milkshake, it made me undeniably full at the end of my meal.

Sparkling Passionfruit Tea ($7.50)

The sparkling passionfruit tea was absolutely refreshing, especially since the sun was scorching hot that day. The tea was not too sweet and we could taste the passionfruit infused into the tea.

All in all, our dining experience at Meat n’ Chill was highly pleasant and is a restaurant we would definitely come back to for some affordable, quality meat!

Here’s the address:

Meat n’ Chill
805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-04
6th Avenue Centre, Singapore 279883 

Opening hours are:

Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

11.30am – 2.30pm
5.00pm – 9.00pm

*Disclosure: This was an invited media tasting. Written by: Areunaa Tan.
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