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Busy at work or studies and haven’t had time to catch up with the latest happenings in Singapore? Fret not! The SG Lifestyle Team brings you a round-up of the top 5 trending news on our radar this January 2021!

1) Singapore welcomes 2021 with light show at Marina Bay and fireworks in the heartlands

First up, did you countdown with Singapore as we welcomed the New Year on Friday (1 Jan 2021)? There are fireworks in the heartlands and a light show at the Marina Bay as authorities have scaled-down celebrations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Catch a short highlight below consolidated by CNA.

2) KL-SG High Speed Rail terminated

Upon the expiry of the proposed deadline extension, the termination of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail was announced on Friday (1 January 2021) after around 7 years in the making, with Malaysia having to compensate Singapore. So no more through train to Malaysia for us. However, we believe that the bus captains who transport us across the causeway will prosper in business once this pandemic is over.

3) Child rescued from ledge of housing block in Hougang

Video circulating on social media shows the rescue of a child stuck on the third-floor ledge of a public housing block in Hougang on Sunday (3 Jan 2021). The child was seen clinging on to a laundry rack. He was carried to safety by a worker on a crane. Kudos to Mr Das Dipto, the migrant worker, who saved the boy. He mentioned that he “felt like Spider-Man” when interviewed by CNA. Read more HERE.

4) Discounted postage rates for greeting cards in the lead-up to Chinese New Year by Singapore Post

If you have a habit of sending physical Chinese New Year (CNY) greeting cards, you are in for a treat! On Wednesday (6 January 2021), Singapore Post states that there will be discounted postage rates for every card sent leading up to CNY! In addition, you can make it even more special by sending it with the newly released ox-themed stamps to celebrate the occasion. Reminisce the good old time and start sending some love to your relatives and friends.

5) First public livestream of Singapore’s parliamentary proceedings

Singapore’s first public parliamentary livestream on the Ministry of Communications and Information’s (MCI) Singapore YouTube channel gathered more than 80,000 YouTube views as of Tuesday night (Jan 5), in a sitting that spanned two days as reported on Wednesday (6 January 2021). If you love to catch-up on the debates in Parliament, hop on to watch now.

We hope you enjoy the our selection of top local news in Singapore two weeks into 2021!

More importantly – stay safe and continue to stay tuned for more articles from the SG Lifestyle team! 

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