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SG Lifestyle Eats: Newly Launched Plant-Based Vegan Dishes with a Local Twist at Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家

Looking for a plant-based home-cooked meal to enjoy with your non-vegetarian/vegan loved ones? In conjunction with Green Monday, award-winning Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家 has now rose up to the challenge to create a menu entirely free from meat, eggs and dairy.

Well-known for their dishes such as Assam Fish Head and Flaming Pork Ribs, plant-based friends can finally have a taste of Gu Ma Jia’s signature flavours with their newly launched vegan dishes!


Flaming Fish Fillet – $24

With this dish, you might just trick your friends/family that they are eating actual fish!

The key ingredient to this dish is the Gardein Fishless Fillet, which contains omega-3s, 9g of protein, and no cholesterol. Now, who says that vegetarian/vegan food lacks nutrition!

Coated with a savoury flavourful sauce, this dish is on fire, literally. 

Yuan Yang Kailan – $13

The second best dish of the meal featured Kailan vegetables cooked in two styles: blanched leaves are deep-fried to perfection coupled with thick and crunchy Kailan stems. It is unlike how most Kailan dishes are cooked – not only do you get the crunch in the stems but you also get the crisps in the finely chopped and fried leaves. This would be the best gateway vegetable dish to coax your children to eat their greens.

Sweet and Sour Meat – $24

Made with Beyond Meat sausage, this dish is different from your typical sweet and sour pork as it provides a different flavour profile to this otherwise typical dish we often order at restaurants.

For those who have eaten Beyond Meat before, it does not have the signature beyond meat aftertaste either. It’s also great that the dish isn’t too sour so kids will most likely enjoy it too!

Honourable Mentions

Wok Hei Vegan Hor Fun – $8

Hor Fun is one of my go-to dishes to order as a yardstick for wok hei and it did not disappoint. The gravy was flavourful and the ‘charredness’ of the kway tiao was on point. They were also very generous with the veggies which aligns with the plant-based theme. It could use some protein in this dish though – which brings me to my next dish.

Omnimeat hotplate Tofu – $15

If you fear that you’ll lack protein on a plant-based diet, then order this dish – it is loaded with tofu and laced with Omnimeat (plant-based nutritious blend of Soy, Pea and Rice protein). Though I believe adding seared Omnimeat Luncheon into this rendition could have made this dish even more flavourful.

I admire Gu Ma Jia for offering more plant-based options. However, do take note that some of their vegan dishes contain alliums (e.g. Onions, Garlic), so if you don’t consume them, do check in with them if it is possible to make the dishes allium-free!


Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen
45 Tai Thong Cres

Sennett Estate
Singapore 347866

*Disclosure: This was an invited media event
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