DARE YOU TRY: WASABI Hae Bee Hiam Carrot Cake?!

Looking to up that daredevil game? Then here’s something DAREDEVIL-ISH that you can try.

Meet the Wasabi Hae Bee Hiam Carrot Cake!

source: Liang Ji Facebook

Up the game. Ask for EXTRA SPICY .. if you DARE!

To be honest, the team at SG Lifestyle thinks that the hae bee hiam peeping out of the carrot cake looks MIGHTY GOOD! Not too sure about the wasabi portion though but we reckon it might be worth a try?

P.s Kudos to this brave soul who tried it!

Exclusively available at:
Liang Ji Carrot Cake
Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road #01-165 (S461058)
11am to 9pm

*All image credits: Liang Ji

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