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What to Do in Singapore this Weekend For FREE (Stay At Home Edition) on 18 – 19 April 2020!

REJOICE – the weekend is here! Meanwhile, if you were wondering what to do this weekend? Here’s the SG Lifestyle Team’s weekly round-up of STAY AT HOME ACTIVITIES that you can do at home for free (well, mostly free) during this circuit breaker (CB) period as we wait for the current COVID-19 situation to improve.

Advisory Notice: Stay Home and Stay Safe during this period:
🏠 Stay Home, Stay Safe
😷 Wear a surgical mask and see a doctor promptly if you are sick! ⁣⁣
👐 Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water! ⁣⁣

1) Try Out DIY Recipes: McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin

McDonalds spilled the means on how to create the iconic Sausage and Egg McMuffin and even their hashbrown in the comfort of home and it seems pretty easy to try!

English muffin – Toast this until golden brown.

75g sausage meat – Season with a pinch of salt and pepper then shape into balls. Flatten into patty shapes and cook under a pre-heated grill for six to seven minutes on each side (or as per instructions on packaging).

Eggs  Brush the inside of a metal ring with a little oil and place in a small frying pan. Pour in just enough water to cover the base then bring to the boil.Crack the eggs into the rings, cover the pan and cook for two to three minutes.

American Cheese Slice  Assemble your McMuffin by layering the patty and egg on top of a slice of cheese.

Potato – To make a hash brown, grate the potato into a bowl. Mix in an egg then season with salt and pepper. Heat a glug of oil in a pan then add a spoonful of the mix. Flatten and cook until golden brown on both sides.

2) Workout to Fitness Videos: POPSugar Fitness – 30-Minute Tabata Session

Who says that you can’t keep fit while being stuck at home? Here’s SG Lifestyle’s pick for the week – POPSugar Fitness – 30-Minute Tabata Session to Burn Some Serious Calories!

3) Virtual Wanderlust: Hiroshima Station to Fuchū Station on the Geibi Line turned Fukuen Line

Forget about leaving your bed and immerse yourself in a virtual train experience of the Japanese countryside as you travel virtually from Hiroshima Station to Fuchū Station on the Geibi Line turned Fukuen Line. Expect to see plenty of spectacular views!

4) Downloadable Colouring Pages: Evacomics Stay Home Coloring Booklet

Add some color to your stay home routine and do your bit in the effort to fight COVID-19. Enjoy this 11 page coloring booklet by popular local artist, Evacomics HERE!


5) Club at Home to DJ Chris’s Daily Live Stream

What seems like everyday, DJ Chris holds a LIVESTREAM CCBC (Chris Circuit Breaker Club) on his Facebook and you can party with in the comfort of home after midnight. Check it out HERE!


6) Watch: The Phantom of The Opera – FULL STAGE SHOW | The Shows Must Go On

For 48 hours only over the weekend, you can catch the FREE streaming of The Phantom of the Opera held at Royal Albert Hall 2011! Don’t miss this!

7) Get Crafty: DIY Pokemon Origami

Get crafty and learn how to fold a Pokemon Origami! View the FULL list HERE!


8) Help #SaveFNBSG

There are many ways to help #SaveFNBSG during this period. Why not opt to make someone’s day by gifting them a giftcard to their favourite restaurant (or get one for yourself!) HERE and HERE! Or you can always just give a free share/shout out on your socials/with your friends & family when you spot a good deal or offer. You can also join this Facebook group (Hawkers United – Dabao 2020) showcasing a list of Hawker Food that you can dabao in Singapore during this CB period. Share the love – it’s FREE 🙂

9) Keep Learning: Free Classes on NTUC LearningHub

Never stop learning and avail yourself to free classes online! From now till 31 May 2020, NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) has partnered with GO1, the world’s largest compliance, professional development and general training platform funded by Microsoft’s venture arm and SEEK, to offer learners completely free online courses nationwide during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period. The library of free courses offered on the GO1 platform features some of the most in-demand Worker 4.0 skillsets under Adaptive Skills — such as Change Management, Business Management, Leadership and Innovation — and Technology Skills — such as Data Analytics, Python Coding, Blockchain and Cloud. Creative courses such as Adobe Photoshop and Graphic Design will also be offered. Sign it for FREE here and upskill yourself!


We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of weekend activities to do in Singapore FOR FREE (Stay at Home Edition)!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share! 

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