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What to Do in Singapore this Weekend For FREE (Stay At Home Edition) on 28 – 29 March 2020!

Starting from this week, instead of our usual weekly round-up list of weekend events/activities with FREE admission (in other words, it means going out), the SG Lifestyle Team will be replacing it with a weekly round-up of STAY AT HOME ACTIVITIES that you can do at home for free (well, mostly free) during this period as we wait for the current COVID-19 situation to improve.

Advisory Notice: Stay Safe during this period:
😷 Wear a surgical mask and see a doctor promptly if you are sick! ⁣⁣
👐 Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water! ⁣⁣

1) Try Out DIY Recipes: Dalgona Coffee

Join the bandwagon to DIY your own Dalgona coffee in the comfort of your home with just a few simple ingredients!

The SG Lifestyle Team shares this simple recipe using an instant coffee mix and ingredients that you probably have at home (with no mixer needed!) from Baking Life (on YouTube).

Dalgona Coffee Ingredients:

  • 2 stick regular black coffee
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp hot water
  • a glass of milk
  • ice

*Tip: Watch from the 2 minutes mark onwards

2) Workout to Fitness Videos: Pamela Reif’s 20 minute full body workout

Who says that you can’t keep fit while being stuck at home? Here’s SG Lifestyle’s pick for the week featuring Pamela Reif’s 20 minute full body workout without any equipment or weights needed!

3) Virtually Experience a 4D Disneyland Ride: Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Stuck at home and missing Disneyland really bad? Or if you haven’t been to Disneyland before – this 360º interactive video is the complete attraction experience (queue/attraction) for Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Click and drag to pan camera in any direction or simply move your mobile device/tablet to look around!

4) Downloadable Colouring Pages: Pokemon Edition

Quell the boredom away with these downloadable colouring pages and brighten up your life! For this week, the SG Lifestyle shares a series of Pokemon themed coloring pages that you can download and colour in the comfort of home – suitable for both adults and children alike!

5) Watch the Livestream of Earth Hour 2020 – Live & Unplugged

Watch a 3 hour digital event of live music featuring our favourite artists such as Benjamin Kheng, Nathan Hartono, Rriley, Sezairi and #nofilter conversations with changemakers about the current planetary emergency during Earth Hour 2020 on 28 March 2020 from 5.30pm – 8.30pm on YouTube!

We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of weekend activities to do in Singapore FOR FREE (Stay at Home Edition)!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share! 

*All images and captions credits to the respective sources
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