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What to Do in Singapore this Weekend For FREE (Stay At Home Edition) on 4 – 5 April 2020!

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here’s the SG Lifestyle Team’s weekly round-up of STAY AT HOME ACTIVITIES that you can do at home for free (well, mostly free) during this period as we wait for the current COVID-19 situation to improve.

Advisory Notice: Stay Home and Stay Safe during this period:
😷 Wear a surgical mask and see a doctor promptly if you are sick! ⁣⁣
👐 Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water! ⁣⁣

1) Try Out DIY Recipes: Milo Cake

Last week, dalgona coffee was all the rage, but this week – meet the new contender in town: the MILO CAKE using 3 simple ingredients!

Here’s the recipe and ingredients needed below:


2 cups of Milo powder
4 eggs
2 large tablespoons of condensed milk

Step 1: Combine Milo powder, eggs, and condensed milk into a blender and blend until smooth. Or, combine ingredients into a small mixing bowl and mix until smooth.
Step 2: Pour cake batter into a large glass bowl and steam for 1 hour.
Step 3: Pour chocolate sauce (optional) and chocolate sprinkles (optional) onto cake to serve, enjoy!

Need a step by step tutorial instead? Check this photo recipe HERE on Singapore Foodie!

2) Workout to Fitness Videos: Emi Wong’s 1 HOUR FULL BODY FAT BURN HOME WORKOUT

Who says that you can’t keep fit while being stuck at home? Here’s SG Lifestyle’s pick for the week featuring Emi Wong’s 1 HOUR FULL BODY FAT BURN HOME WORKOUT without any equipment or weights needed!

3) Virtual Wanderlust: Virtually Watch Japan’s Sakura Season with FREE Livestream Cherry Blossom Videos

Missed out on the cherry blossom season this spring? Well, Never leave your couch / bed and just virtually watch the blooming cherry blossom videos LIVE on YouTube to satisfy the wanderlust craving in you.

4) Downloadable Colouring Pages: Disney Edition

Quell the boredom away with these downloadable colouring pages and brighten up your life! For this week, the SG Lifestyle shares a series of Disney themed edition that you can download and colour in the comfort of home – suitable for both adults and children alike! Click HERE for the full list from Crayola!

source/download HERE

5) Play Free Games: Cards Against Humanity Online/Downloadable

There are tons of free games to play and one of these highly recommended games to play will be Cards Against Humanity! Best of all – even if you don’t own the card pack – did you know that you can play it online HERE or download the Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition aka family-friendly where kids and adults can play together) FOR FREE!


6) Help #SaveFNBSG

There are many ways to help #SaveFNBSG during this period. Why not opt to make someone’s day by gifting them a giftcard to their favourite restaurant (or get one for yourself!) HERE and HERE! Or you can always just give a free share/shout out on your socials/with your friends & family when you spot a good deal or offer. Share the love – it’s FREE 🙂

We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of weekend activities to do in Singapore FOR FREE (Stay at Home Edition)!

More importantly – stay safe and don’t say we NEVER share! 

*All images and captions credits to the respective sources
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