Welcome back to Instagram @darylaiden!

With all the negativity posted about Daryl Aiden Yow and his recent saga back in June 2018, the influencer cum photographer has been lying low for the last few months since then – but not any more.

Indeed, it must have been a trying period for him with all the public’s backlash and such, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes – he’s back, bigger and bolder than before.

Burning away the past and focus on the now. New beginnings and a fresh new start.

So here’s presenting – a newly reinvented @darylaiden.

How he does it now is by showing all the BTS (behind the scenes) that go behind every photo. You have to swipe right to view and it really shows an interesting insight to getting that ‘perfect’ IG shot while at the same time, proving that it’s not one of his photo-shopped images.

And so far, feedback has been almost 100% positive judging from the comments left on his recent posts.

Img Credits: @darylaiden Instagram

We at SG Lifestyle are liking what we see for now, and will be looking forward to the rest of his works! You can check them out here on his Instagram!

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