Taiwan’s YiFang Fruit Tea opens at Orchard Gateway (一芳水果茶)

There are many bubble tea, milk tea, fruit tea places that have been popping up all over in Singapore in the recent months (too many in fact) from Taiwan and China respectively and even from Singapore!

Some open to a huge fanfare, but some – quietly (like Liho’s Tea and Coffee concept) and for this post – YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳水果茶.

The SG Lifestyle Team spotted the newly opened YiFang Fruit Tea over at Orchard Gateway and rambled over to take a look at the menu.

As an honest opinion from the team? The menu looks very average to us because it’s atypical of the usual plethora of existing brands on the market.

Perhaps their slightly strategic location will help them out. Otherwise, their drinks had better be good to be able to sustain in the current market.

We have high hopes for the Sun Moon Lake black tea as the Chief Editor has been there personally before and tried this particular tea. It was good, she says with a smile 🙂

P.s we hear they use quality Meiji tea as well!

But will this be enough?

Time will tell – good luck YiFang Fruit Tea!

P.s YiFang is a pretty major brand in Taiwan with over 600 outlets!

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea Singapore 一芳水果茶
Orchard Gateway #B1-01, 277 Orchard Rd, 238858

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