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The NEW MUST PLAY: Yokai Kitchen (Anime Restaurant Management RPG)

If you’re bored and wondering what’s new to play or try out in Singapore after the long weekend – here’s a newly launched mobile game that the SG Lifestyle Team recommends!

The NEW MUST PLAY: Yokai Kitchen (Mobile Game)

Yokai Kitchen

Game: Yokai Kitchen
Developer/Publisher: Friend Times Technology Inc. (Suzhou)
Launch Date (in Singapore and SEA only): 29 July 2019
Platforms: Mobile only on Android and iOS
About: Yokai Kitchen is a Card based anime RPG set in the Spirit Realm where different yokai spirits and clans co-exist. Players run a magical flying restaurant accompanied by their yokai companions to be the very best restaurant in the Spirit Realm!

What to Expect?

  • Restaurant management gameplay with Yokai customers in different realms and you have to keep them happy. Your Yokai cards can be assigned as the chefs and waiters in your Yokai restaurant. In general, you need to manage all of them – from their cooking skills and recipe levels, your happy / unhappy / VIP customers, set the menu to please all the different yokai clans in the realms, hunt and harvest ingredients for cooking, decorating, customizing your restaurant and more!
  • Farming gameplay with foodimons which you must capture and then harvest for ingredients for your restaurant. You can assign your Yokai as a breeders.
  • Turn-based RPG gameplay when you fight foodimons and explore the rest of the Spirit Realm. Drops are food loots, money, equipment, scrolls, rare ingredients, recipes for your restaurant, foodimons cards for breeding and more. You can also assign idle Yokai as adventurers to hunt for ingredients and rare drops while you’re away.
  • Plenty of quests (storyline plot and main game quests) to follow and gain XP and money to level up.
  • Absolutely adorable anime graphics!
  • Plenty of yokai cards to collect/summon, level up and train in battle, cooking, breeding skills and more by leveling up their stats. Equipment can be equipped and you can also try to improve their bond with you by “petting” them and more.
  • Chat, add friend functions and even guilds to join. Eventually, there will be PvP and more!

tldr; a similar game to Food Fantasy.

Gameplay Videos:

Our Thoughts and Ratings

As Yokai Kitchen is a fairly new game, there are plenty of giveaways and freebies, so this is the best time to play now to entertain yourself and level up fast before boredom overtakes you eventually, or that you need to start paying to get on with the game faster. However, it is essentially a F2P (free to play) game with adorable graphics, lovely storyline and interesting gameplay! More content, characters and stories will also be added further down the road, but it has a great base to start off with.

Overall, a fun and light-hearted game to spend your time on and you will be fairly entertained. Note thhat the battle RPG aspect is stronger here verus a restaurant management side! Also do remember to check in everyday to get your in-game bonuses, free gifts and check their Facebook / WeChat (Search “yokaikitchen”) for in-game codes and giveaways! Also, if you like to read the game guides and instructions, check out the useful strategies posted on Yokai Kitchen’s website HERE! They also have a couple of Facebook community groups that you can join!

Word of Warning: This is a very, very addictive game and this editor spent almost 4 hours on the game when she started playing it. At 12.30am. She later leveled up to Level 10 close to 5am in the morning.

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If the above sounds exactly like the kind of game you should be playing, then what are you waiting for?

Download Yokai Kitchen from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS)!

Feel free to let us know what you thought and if you started playing it!

More importantly, don’t say we NEVER SHARE! 😎

*Images credits to Yokai Kitchen
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