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SG Lifestyle is a light-hearted Singapore lifestyle portal featuring everyday lifestyle reads and articles written by Singaporeans FOR Singaporeans like you and me since 19 September 2018! The sky’s the limit on the topics and content we write about – from the latest lifestyle news to food and drinks, travel and lobangs – basically all of our favourite Singaporean pet topics! Most importantly, we hope you will find them interesting, useful and perhaps even relatable to your everyday life in our little red dot! Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Many of our articles are written in the name of fun with a slight tongue-in-cheek humor (and sometimes even peppered with droll humor and/or slight sarcasm) and should ALWAYS be taken lightly with a pinch of salt. There is absolutely no offense or malice intended and all opinions are entirely of our own. In fact, any similarities to actual events or people may be purely coincidental or merely – a figment of your own imagination.

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