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SG Lifestyle Eats | One Prawn & Co Seafood Grill 12 Course Dinner

I am sure some of you would have heard of One Prawn & Co, which is best known for their trademark prawn mee. To say they are versatile is an understatement.

This time, they had upgraded to more delicious menu items which offers patrons more reasons to visit them!

With their latest 12-course seafood gtill dinner starting from $128++ , you can be rest assured – that your taste buds are in for a really good’ time – and WORTH every penny  (At time of typing this post, my stomach is rumbling. Totally not a wise idea to put up this post in the middle of the night. Ugh)


Look at that freshness of the seafood stash – Irresistible.


Oh wait – At least give me a chance to pose with it first before we begin:-


First on the menu – we started off with a small appetizer, Amaebi (Sweet shrimp, Avacado, Tomato and Rice flower)


I totally LOVE the fusion of the crunchiness from the rice cracker surrounding the shrimp and the sweetness of the bite that screams FRESHNESS at the same time. It is designed in such a way that you can finish it all within brief bites and enjoy the explosion of its rich flavor as you chew on it.


Afterwards, you will be served with the second dish with a power combination of Hyogo OysterAmberjackWhite Shrimp, and Soft Shell Crab. The chef had advised to start from right to left for optimal enjoyment as each has its own blend of flavors that will have your taste buds rejoice in glee. I would say that the chef had been really thoughtful to arrange the dishes in sequence!

Let’s start from right to left – With the first being the Hyogo Oyster that was served on top of ice to maintain top-notch freshness even when it reaches your table. Accompanied by Mignonette sauce, this totally tasted like a piece of heaven (in my opinion) as the thick, juicy piece of oyster slid down my throat smoothly like a smooth criminal.  I was thankful that my plus-one does not take oysters so I had two pieces of it to myself (Yay!!) and no joke – if I had to give a rating for this – I will definitely give it more than 10 stars!!


And the next lead  – We have smoky Amberjack, with sweet and crispy seaweed sprinkled on it for an extra oomph of flavor. It’s chewy and will have you screaming internally that one is simply not enough.


And moving on to the third sequence in line, we have White Shrimp (combination of poached shrimp, coconut and garam masala) that offers a taste of local-ness.  Garam masala is a spice that can be commonly found in famous Indian dishes, so I am sure any typical Singaporean will find the taste familiar!


Personally, I felt it tasted like a curry briyani dish – and I enjoyed the tinge of spiciness in it.


And after a tease of spiciness in your taste buds, be prepared to be brought into a sweet journey of Tempura soft shell crab that comes combined with kecap manis and baby gem.

The exterior was fried to a crispy gold texture, and the interior was meaty + tender. In seconds, it was gone.


And finally the fourth in sequence, it ended off with a non-seafood category – a plate of grilled Maitake Mushroom with burnt barley risotto and chicken jus. Slurp.


Next up is a dish that will admittedly make one flinch just by seeing its color – but don’t be deceived by it! This is an interesting plate of Squid noodles with Salsa Verde and black olives. And being someone who may not be fond of this combination at first, I gave it a chance and was surprised that I actually liked it! Of course, this can be subjective as not everyone is into squids. Personally, I am receptive of it and I did find the squid rich in taste and very chewable! (Fun fact: The chef shared that the squid was grilled for exactly 40 seconds. And this amount of specific time is just right to derive to its optimal aroma and taste!)


And all hail the King! Presenting next on the course is Scottish King Scallop, fused with thick XO Chilli Jam. If this isn’t the definition of a perfect combination, I don’t know what is.


Look at that piece of Scallop beneath all the XO Chilli Jam. (And if you are wondering, no, it was not really spicy to a large extent! So no worries)


And next up is a plate of Onglet – Hanging tender steak + sunchoke cream + chives.  Honestly, I don’t take beef due to personal dietary restriction but I went ahead to take a small bite of it for this review- and hey, it isn’t as tough of a texture as I thought it would be. In fact, the meat was tender and my plus-one finished it up in no time. He had compared it to a five-star quality steak.

(*To those who have strict dietary restrictions and totally do not take beef, One Prawn & Co will try their best to have you covered as well! They had offered to replace it with pork belly which will be just as good)


And here is one of the main highlights of the $128++ 12-course  dinner that will be worth every penny- A large grilled turbot coated with garlic brown butter, capers and pickled papaya.


Be prepared to bring your taste buds to the highest peak of the rollercoaster ride as you savor the fresh and thick meat of the turbot. Fresh beyond words.


At this time, I am sure you would have said “I feel full now!”

Well… wait till you check out the last dish on the menu. I specially allocated a cluster of my stomach to fill this because I would NOT want to miss out on this dish for the world.

Abalone poached rice with baby abalone, signature prawn bisque and egg floss.


Seriously, this is MY personal highlight and I urge everyone to have a go at the prawn bisque REGARDLESS how full you are. I can assure you that the soup will have you falling in love and makes you want to come back again and again.

I am not exaggerating – I had never tasted any prawn bisque as delicious as what Prawn & Co offers. I could literally just eat this for 3 meals from day to night and won’t grow tired of it!


As a side, you can choose to insert popped rice and egg floss.



A proof of how much I enjoyed this: –


And the finale is a plate of seasonal fruits that are specially crafted from the marketplace!

If you drink, there is an option to add on free flow Sake (from $30++) to your dinner. With the plentiful seafood, I am sure the Sake will go well with every dish!

If  you are feeling it already, here are the below details – Please do note that their dinner service is limited to only 15 pax each day so it’s pretty exclusive – Be sure to reserve your seats!

One Prawn & Co

Address: 458 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368176
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 5pm, 6pm-11pm
Tel: 9878 8897 (Reservations at least 1 day in advance)

Thank you, Prawn & Co! We truly enjoyed the range of food – they NEVER disappoint.


Disclaimer: This is an invited food tasting but all opinions are of our blog writer

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